Reading Plans for the Summer Holidays

Only one week of summer holidays has gone by. A week only. Nothing but a week. ONLY one week with both children at home (2 1/2 weeks with the older son, who started earlier)… and I can see my plans for writing and reading are going to suffer… Add to that admin or professional things such as arranging house rentals, visa applications, travel arrangements for September, course preparation and tax returns, plus some writing-related projects which are more fun, but still require a lot of time. So you will not see me blogging very regularly over the next few weeks.


Instead, let me me tell you about my tentative reading plans. I’m very happy to have finished my #TBR20, but it’s only made a small dent in my reading pile. I will need to do a rerun at some point in September/October.

But first, I want to read those books I borrowed from the library, which have been waiting patiently in queue for #TBR20 to be over.

  1. Fred Vargas: Temps Glaciares – the latest Adamsberg book, not yet available in English
  2. Caroline Deyns: Perdu, le jour où nous n’avons pas dansé (Wasted, the Day We Did Not Spend Dancing) – a fictional account of Isadora Duncan’s life
  3.  Emannuel Carrère: L’Adversaire

Women in Translation Month (August)


  1. Valeria Luiselli: Faces in the Crowd (Mexico) – this will count towards my Global Reading Challenge as well
  2. Tove Jansson: The True Deceiver (Finnish)
  3. Therese Bohman: Drowned (Swedish)
  4. Alice Quinn: Queen of the Trailer Park (French) – this will count towards my Netgalley Challenge as well

Netgalley Challenge – trying to get my bookshelf in order, as I’ve been ‘overfeeding’ my already obese e-reader


  1. Sarah Ward: In Bitter Chill
  2. Renee Knight: Disclaimer
  3. Karin Fossum: The Drowned Boy (also counts towards WIT challenge)
  4. Sarah Leipciger: The Mountain Can Wait (also counts towards Global Reading Challenge)
  5. Lucy Atkins: The Other Child

You may notice there is a pronounced chiller thriller feel to the list above – just what I like reading on the beach (although there won’t be much beach featuring in my summer this year).

I reserve the right to chop and change within each category (except for the library books, which are due back end of August). I also hope at some point this summer to reread ‘Tender is the Night’ – quintessential summer read, to my mind (OK, depressing as hell, but still…).

Still, those are but shadowy plans and, as the Romanians say (as the Greeks are finding out): ‘your calculations at home never match the calculations in the marketplace’.



15 thoughts on “Reading Plans for the Summer Holidays”

  1. Such a busy summer! I hope you’ll fit in some r & r, Marina, and I do hope you won’t chop The Mountain Can Wait which I loved. Whatever you read, have a lovely time.

  2. Congratulations on completing your #TBR20! I’ve started another round too as it might be the only way to keep my buying habit in check for a few months.

    It’s the right season for reading Drowned as the opening section is set in the hot, heady days of summer. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of it.

  3. Your summer holidays start earlier than ours. We finish school at the end of this week and then the holidays start. But that then means yours will go back before ours!

    As for reading, the only one I’ve read from your list is Disclaimer and I enjoyed it. It is a brilliant concept. I’m luckily going away for two weeks this year and hope to get quite a bit of reading done while away as I plan to lay around and do not a lot but admire all the lovely blue around me and read. And yes, try to get my NetGalley shelf down to a more reasonable number of books outstanding. Why do we do that to ourselves. Recently I have stopped even looking because I haven’t been reading.

    Enjoy your summer x

    1. No, it’s not that we go back earlier – we go back on the 1s of September – it’s just that our holidays are so much longer! And I was unable to organise any summer camps or anything this year, and only one week of beach holiday at the end of August.
      Yes, I’ve stopped actively looking for books, but whenever someone I trust reviews something which sounds compelling, I find it hard to resist…

    1. I want to finish the first draft of my novel this summer (got about 20,000 words written to date), but with only 2 1/2 weeks of quiet time to write, it may be a bit ambitious…

  4. Your summer sounds so busy, Marina Sofia! But you do have some great reading plans, and I look forward to your reviews.

  5. Amazing reading plans. I’m not as quick as you with the #TBR20 thing. I got distracted by Spanish-Lit month, a visit to Elsinore…

    I’m looking forward to your reviews and especially the one about Valeria Luiselli’s book.

    Bon courage? No, beaucoup de plaisir…

  6. Really fancy squeezing Drowned in for WIT

    After loving Great Gatsby got Tender is the Night on TBR to read before I get Klaussman’s Villa AmericaAabout the couple that suposedly inspired SFG… mind, have her Tigers in Red Weather to read first…

    Ah… so many books😯

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