Friday Fun: Plain Old Home Libraries

When I say ‘plain’, I mean for those folks who have the luxury of a whole room in their house dedicated to books, reading, thinking, escaping…

Reading nook, from
Reading nook, from
Keep it dark and moody... From Architectural Digest.
Keep it dark and moody… From Architectural Digest.
For the colour-coordinated. From BHG.
For the colour-coordinated. From BHG.
For collectors of exotic memories. From Decoist.
For collectors of exotic memories (and dog lovers). From Decoist.
For those who can never have too many places to lounge upon... From Domaine Home.
For those who can never have too many places to lounge upon… From Domaine Home.

Finally, for those who are thinking of converting their garage, here is a brilliant idea from Dwell. Instead of housing a car, why not house all your books on three storeys, with a sunken bathtub in which to relax?

Haffenden House, from
Haffenden House, from
Interior of Haffenden House, from
Interior of Haffenden House, from

OK, that last one might be stretching the definition of ‘plain’ somewhat…

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Plain Old Home Libraries”

  1. I’ve seen the trend as well lately of turning the books on the bookshelf so you don’t see the title of it and it just looks white which is a bit weird I think when you like reading…
    I would love to have a room for reading. A library basically. An escape. Like your definition of “plain” 😉

    1. Turning books indeed – whatever next! Even the colour coordination one seems far-fetched and I am a bit OCD. But when it comes to books, I like my organisation by topic area or authors or language far too much.

  2. Ah, I could easily see myself happily ensconced in such a lovely place. Hmm…. I do like that room from Architectural Digest…

    1. There is something appealing about dark rooms and books combination – must be our early cavemen instincts about the magic of storytelling…. This, from someone who usually prefers light rooms.

  3. I do so enjoy these images you discover. I think I like the top one best, as I do prefer the just-books-and-not-much-else look, though the bath is amusing. I think I might have to draw that curtain across though….. 😉

    1. Yes, you’re right – books make a great decoration in their own right, no need to over-embellish. I was wondering if the window in that last one is like the tinted windows in cars or mirrored walls in interrogation rooms – you can see outside, but you can’t see in. That would be a great way of enjoying the view, without being overlooked, wouldn’t it?

  4. Lovely images. I have a friend who collects so much pulp fiction – he likes the cover art – that he’s had to make a room over his garage to store it in. I will have to recommend the sunken tub. But I think you mean “instead of housing a _car_”???

    1. Duh! Of course I do – sorry about that… Maybe if you have that library, you have no time to have a career, as you’d be just at home reading all day?

  5. Surely the humidity would be a bit of a killer for the books in that last one, wouldn’t it? I like some of the others, though — even if some of them don’t seem to contain all that many books!

    1. Maybe there’s some special ventilation in that room…
      And yes, I agree, all of my libraries would contain a fair few extra books (note how I avoid the word ‘overflowing’).

  6. I thought about humidity too. Aren’t we all practical minds?
    We have a garage converted in a library but it far from being as nice as this one

    Great post, as always. Keep the series, it’s fantasy land.

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