No One but Myself to Blame…

This is the start of my two weeks of peace. The children are on holiday with their grandparents, I have finished most of the admin work relating to taxes and property letting, so I finally have the space and time to write.

If I don’t write 2000 words a day or so over the next couple of weeks (that is entirely feasible and realistic), I have no one to blame but myself.

Of course there are minor quibbles that are remarkably good at barging in, demanding attention and turning themselves into distracting obstacles: heatwave, headaches, a never-ending list of urgent admin tasks (because not everyone is on holiday in summer), book reviews to be written… Not to mention those underlying doubts about plot, characters, style, has it all been done before.

I will put those quibbles in their place, though, be ruthless and focus on my writing. Or else I risk proving to myself that I am all mouth, all excuses and no depth at all. I don’t want to start despising myself.

After all, if I wanted to lead a life of ‘dolce far niente’, I would come back as a cat!


23 thoughts on “No One but Myself to Blame…”

  1. Good luck, Marina. You’re right about cats. So much more highly evolved that us – we earn the money to feed them while they snooze on the sofa, or under the garden chair!

    1. And they don’t even have to be ‘man’s best friend’ to make us feel justified in feeding them…
      Thanks, Susan, now if only I can tear myself away from my laptop…

  2. William Styron once said, “writers ever since writing began have had problems, and the main problem narrows down to just one word—life.”

    I wish you a blissful, productive, peaceful two weeks, my friend. Write, and be fulfilled.

  3. Good luck! I hope it goes well for you.

    has it all been done before

    I once worked for a reference-book publisher where every idea put up by the editorial department was stomped by the management on one of two grounds: (a) it had been done before by someone else; (b) it hadn’t been done before by someone else, therefore it probably wasn’t worth doing.

    So count yourself lucky you have only one of those worries!

    1. Thanks for sharing that – I think I’ve worked in companies like that!
      And, of course, every plot has been done before, it’s all about the style and details, isn’t it?

  4. Good luck and don’t worry about despising yourself. My own experience of that is that as a writer its almost impossible not to for a multitude of reasons! As for the cat I think he/she’s definitely brewing up a plot!

    1. Ah, bless her, planning how to wheedle an extra meal out of me, no doubt!
      As for your very wise remark: I want to despise myself for the final edits for once (for example), instead of NOT finishing!

  5. Good luck with the writing and enjoy the quiet time. Let’s hope the heat stops soon, it’s been brutal lately.

    Are you moving out?

    1. No, it was for our house in the UK, which we are renting out. The heat is giving me headaches, so it’s quite hard to concentrate, but… no more excuses!

  6. “If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but deteriorate the cat.” – Mark Twain
    Time spent with a cat is not wasted. 😉

  7. Good luck with your writing, Marina 🙂 I understand how everything is a distraction when you have finally found the time and place to devote to your writing, but you can beat everything and do it!

    And by the way, my cat looks exactly like yours! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Hope you are well in the current craziness that is Greece…
      And of course you don’t mean our cats are identical, otherwise how could each one of them be the ‘most beautiful, most darling, cutest cat in the world’ (I’m quoting my boys here)?

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