Friday Fun: Villas with a View

It’s that silly time of the week. Especially when you’ve been writing all week in a heatwave with no air conditioning. So let’s escape to dreamier places.

Let me start off with a few from the area I currently live in. If you lived in a house like this, you would feel permanently on vacation, wouldn’t you?

Manor house near Montreux, from

And here’s the view from the terrace:



Here is a more modern house also on that side of the lake:

Wine cellar of a villa on Lake Geneva, from
Wine cellar of a villa on Lake Geneva, from

And the view outside:



You might remember I raved about those waterfall-type Amanzi villas in Phuket before?


Well, here’s the view towards the sea:


Finally, how could I not mention Greece, particularly the Cyclades islands? The interior is typically modest, white-washed stone.


But the view from the terrace…





17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Villas with a View”

  1. The Manor house looks mighty fine but oh! that infinity pool & terrace… looks ideal for a writing retreat…

    1. I can see where this is heading: you want me to buy that house, create a writing retreat there for us to lounge on the terrace and in the infinity pools, despoil the wine cellar and… oh, and write.

  2. Oh, those views! Swiss lakes or Greek islands – what an impossible choice….. πŸ™‚

  3. OK, I think I’ve made my choice, Marina Sofia. I’ll be taking up residence in the manor house very soon. You’re welcome to visit any time! πŸ™‚

  4. I like the first one but it’s too big and fancy. The fifth one gives me vertigo and the sixth one looks downright unstable. Also the ‘endless pool’ in the fourth photo. I understand the look is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing but couldn’t you just swim off the edge?

    1. Nothing wrong with big and fancy (if you have the staff to go with it… then again, I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable in a house with staff).
      As for your concerns about the infinity pool in No. 4 – this is Switzerland, after all, I am sure it is all very well contained, railed and protected.

  5. i wanna move into the first one… would love to live so close by the lake… going for a swim in the mornings and evenings…sigh

  6. What a view, wow ~ Good thing our AC is working right now, all day & night, if not I can’t sleep ha ~ Enjoy your weekend ~

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