Friday Fun: Writer’s Rooms

So busy writing at the moment, that all I can think about are the most comfortable writing rooms or sheds possible, anything that will add to your ability to stick that bum on the chair and keep those fingers or pens moving (or that brain thinking).

First up, two American beauties:

Siri Hustvedt's desk, from The Guardian.
Siri Hustvedt’s desk, from The Guardian.
Laura Silverman's writing terrace, from An Afternoon With.
Laura Silverman’s writing terrace, from An Afternoon With.

The British contingent prefers history and a lived-in look:

Ian Rankin's study, from The Guardian.
Ian Rankin’s study, from The Guardian. I like the handcuffs!

You can keep any mess far away from the house, of course, with a shed. Luxury version first.

HIgh spec garden shed, from Garden Room Studio.
HIgh spec garden shed, from Garden Room Studio.

And the version that might actually fit into your garden:

More modest version, also from Garden Room Studio.
More modest version, also from Garden Room Studio.

And, finally, below is one that I came across on a walk through the forest yesterday. Adorable caravan conversion, wouldn’t you agree?


For more peeks into writers’ rooms, I can recommend the website I try not to indulge too frequently, but writers I’ve ‘stalked’ there include: Joanne Harris, Jenny Eclaire, Val McDermid, Clare Mackintosh, Jodi Picault, Linwood Barclay, Mark Billingham and – yes – Ian Rankin again.



17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Writer’s Rooms”

  1. I like Ian Rankin’s the best! Although the shed-type ones are absolutely beautiful, I rather fear I would just sit daydreaming and never actually get anything written.

  2. The caravan is very appealing but I love the open space of Silverman’s room – airy enough to allow the imagination to fly!

  3. Well, I like Ian Rankin’s study the best! But, not wanting to put him out, I do love that high-spec garden shed , so I’ll take that one 🙂

  4. For heavy duty writing, a mounted screen and a well supported back have to be the priority. I don’t fancy getting a dowagers hump from leaning down towards a small laptop!

  5. I want that caravan, complete with its forest. Siri’s room is frighteningly tidy. The hoover and disinfecting surface wipes only just put away. I like Rankin’s it makes me feel I might not be the housekeeping slob I really am. Siri’s makes me realise I really am that slob!

    1. I suppose most writers would be tempted to tidy up when having their picture taken – or the picture of their writing space. But yes, if I tell you that the caravan has a sweeping view towards Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva and the Alps as well…

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