Back to School Poetry

Sharpened coloured pencils,

notebooks all in a row,

It’s the night before school and

I DON’T want to go.

Thank goodness it’s over, this summer a mess,
boring old grandma, my cousins all stress
over revisions, exams, they’re all older than me,
they’ve turned into a silly old goody-goody!

New teacher, new classmates,

Homework galore,

I’ll have to sit still

for two hours or more.

Finally be with my soulmates, those who understand,
together cut classes, or make a stand
against sarky teachers and all that brain freeze.
Put like that, ‘la rentrée’ is a breeze!


I imagined the thoughts going through the head of my two sons – one in primary school, one in secondary school – as the school year approaches. School doesn’t start until the 2nd of September here (and is known as ‘la rentrée’), but the shoe-shopping and hair-cutting dilemmas are starting already.

This is linked to Gabriella’s fun prompt at dVerse Poets tonight. Please visit us there for more reminiscing about the good old school days…

26 thoughts on “Back to School Poetry”

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, this is such a terrific look at both sides of what it’s like to go back to school. I really do love those different perspectives. And then of course, there’s the parents’ reactions…

  2. I was going to say thank goodness mine are old enough that I don’t have to think about it – but as I work in a school I’m afraid I do….. :s

  3. Oh Marina I remember those school shoe shopping trips so well – it really signifies the end of summer! Love the poem highlighting the different thoughts your son’s may well be having based on their ages.

  4. Ha. all the shades of how we feel about school. For some it is a relief to come to school where there is structure and they feel safe. Or where they think they can skip and get away with it. Others hate school, definitely preferring the freedom of being home. It all comes down to the teacher to me. I dont care for the snarky ones.

  5. ha – i think my son could relate to that…sitting still for even half an hour was kind of the worst torture he could think of… i would love if they did more sports between lessons

  6. I have a feeling that we all had those mixed feelings.. for some it’s returning to friends for other to bullies, for some schoolwork is a joy for other an ordeal.. Going through my years at school I think I have felt them all…

  7. Very nice feel to this piece, Marina; I remember that as a kid being taken to SEARS for school clothes was the only new clothes we got most of the time; excluding the silly duds given to you by relatives for birthday & Christmas. I was raised blue collar; what I called upper lower class.

  8. For the older ones, it will fun for sure to see their old friends and have new stuff like school bags ~ But I know what you mean about days or times of not wanting to go to school ~ Here the schools are very strict about attendance as they always call when the child is not at school or when the child is late for classes ~

  9. Your poem made me smile, MarinaSofia. I empathize with it being the night before school starting & not wanting to go. I felt this way more as a teacher than a student though…funniest thing!

  10. You really got into their heads in this. A lot of fun in this and so glad you wisely kept their faces private! Fun this is and both perspectives represented. I hope they always have good beginnings.

  11. Ah.. yes.. a school of ADHD Hell.. where sitting still extends out all around
    the year now.. in some places.. where Physical Education is
    no longer even necessary in some high schools..
    and if one is lucky emotions
    are an art of human
    for basic
    still allowing
    that if that at all..:)

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