Dank Mid-Winter

The bare legs of English girls in winter minis

bring mottled blue bumps out on my flesh

as my mother’s predictions don’t come true:

windswept skirts, shrunken ovaries

and that boys prize virginity above all else.

No, my watchman whispers hoarsely now:

it’s experience

and I’ve left it far too late.


But alcohol, that great leveler,

the way they drink to fuel their gab,

that did not find me

till my forties

when I remember




Over at dVerse Poets Pub, Lynn invites us to write a poem inspired by the title (and symbolism) of Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’ novel. Who or what acts as your personal watchman and do you choose to follow that voice of conscience or ignore it? For far too long my watchman was my mother. It took me a long time to figure out she may have been wrong about certain things. And right about others. 



26 thoughts on “Dank Mid-Winter”

  1. I never thought of this perspective…but yes, my mother has been my watcher too ~ But there comes a point in your life, when one has to say, enough and I want to handle my own life now ~ Thanks for the personal share ~

  2. My mother was a rather hard watchman growing up but when I finally hit bottom she was the one that picker me up at the hospital.

  3. Oh, I think this captures that watchman concept beautifully, Marina Sofia. And the mother/daughter dynamic is there too. Elegantly done!

  4. Unique take on the watchman theme…parents are definitely watchmen, for better or worse sometimes. Glad you found time to for this prompt!

  5. My mother died young, at 39, but it seems, since I was the oldest & the boldest that she was more my cheerleader than Watchman. But, of course, it is a different dynamic between mother/daughter, right? A very imaginative & strong emotional take on the prompt, M.

  6. And the ‘powerful play’ of life goes on..
    the conTrollers of human nature
    vs. Nature that WiLLs
    BE FREE..
    lives Free
    in Bonobo eyEs..
    and morals
    And God
    human clothes…
    and ALL else compRiSing
    A Gospel
    of Thomas
    VERSE 37 OUT
    of the guise
    PAST then
    of religion
    speaks well
    to ThIS

  7. I have to say this resonates with me.. there are things. advice and moral that resonates with me.. I had quite a lot of moral guidance from my father but in the end I made the choice to follow some and break with some.. and some are coming back to me now..

  8. Well, as I see from the comments on your poem, it definitely resonated with many people. I must say that I am my adult daughter’s watchman. Sigh. And, ha, not necessarily by choice. I like where this poem took you & how it triggered people’s thoughts. Thank you.

  9. I think that it’s a shock when we first discover that our parents don’t know everything…but perhaps an even bigger shock when we realized that, about some things, at least, they DID know.

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