Friday Poem: Beauty

Still with an Oriental twist: Chinese traditional beauty on Pinterest.
Still with an Oriental twist: Chinese traditional beauty on Pinterest.

It’s Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub and it’s been far too long since I was able to read the poems of my fellow poets located all over the world – or since I posted something myself. Looking forward to a fun weekend of reading and commenting!


I need someone to make me beautiful

where/when I can’t believe it on my own.

No powdered dab of make-up hand

or magic twirl of mascara wand.

I died for beauty…


I need a word or – better still –

a gasp

a pause

an intake of disbelieving breath

when I enter a room

or descend a stair.

Eat men like air…

I need my beauty reflected in the glow

of homecoming eyes.


When cameras and scales, dresses and youthful stares

conspire to strip

the dignity of remembered lines

of beauty past,

when flesh once succulent of gestures turns to rust

and spread is more than just another word for jam —

I need someone to notice

the worlds I still contain.

She walks in beauty, like the night…


Someone to find the marrow

of memory unsucked, unchanged – in me, in us, in life.



23 thoughts on “Friday Poem: Beauty”

    1. That’s the first line that came to mind – from the Lady Lazarus poem by Sylvia Plath. I thought how often women need to be beautiful in the eyes of others…

  1. I don’t think I can die for beauty but I can believe that some women feel the compulsion to “eat men like air” ~ The ending lines are sad for me though ~ Love the classic poetic lines weaving with your own words ~

    Good to see you Marina ~ Hope all is well ~

    1. I don’t think Emily Dickinson was thinking of plastic surgery when she wrote those lines about dying for beauty, but it did occur to me that so many women (and men) endanger their health to fit in with some unrealistic beauty ideals. And yes, my overall sentiment is of sadness, this desire to be seen for one’s self, not for one’s appearance…

  2. What a lovely, and honest, poem, Marina Sofia! I especially like the thread you’ve woven in of the ageing process, and its impact on how we feel about ourselves. It’s quite evocative.

  3. Profound reflection on the meaning of beauty–as we age, our understanding changes so much. People choose to live on the surface or deeply. I couldn’t help thinking of the novel, “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

  4. I like the borrowed lines and the poem woven around them. It is sad that people feel they have to be noticed for what is on the outside and to meet a conforming to a certain ideal. I remember a movie, long ago, Dying to Belong, about a girl with anorexia. so very said. I like the rest of Dickinson’s poem, truth and beauty together. Welcome back. You were missed!

  5. Marina Sofia, I really liked this poem. I think we all need to be thought beautiful in the eyes of someone, to feel that when we enter the room and they look in our direction they send us the message that we are the most beautiful person in the world. We all need to feel special! I think there is some truth in the words “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” And is not dependent on dependent on age… Your poem definitely rings true.

  6. Someone to find the marrow
    of memory unsucked, unchanged – in me, in us, in life.

    Virtually stripped of dignity when still fully clothed. Just difficult to find those not having designs against us. Truly said, Marina!


  7. Oh eyes of beauty
    you look so deep
    Oh eyes of beauty
    you look so long..
    Oh eyes of beauty
    you always care..
    Oh eyes of beauty
    Light’s TRUE Love
    Oh eyes of beauty
    only belong
    to the one
    and no
    one no
    no one
    can take
    that away
    when eYes tRuLY
    Lives as i.. after i
    that i onLY LOVES..:)

      1. Smiles.. We are only human so of course both count.. Balance is a never ending art with no rules.. Only practice or NOT.. And that mr friend is the extent of free will.. Will over Rules..:)

  8. beauty is so much more than that fleeting outward appearance. I think that everyone needs someone to notice the beauty that they contain…that true inner beauty that does not fade away. Nice piece!

  9. I like your capture. So many women do die for beauty and yet some of the most beautiful women in the world are beautiful from the inside and their charisma is far more intriguing than beauty alone. Nice to see you!

  10. Some women’s exterior beauty (Sophia Loren, Helen Mirren) hangs on, but at some point it is the beauty within (trite as that sounds) that is really attractive. One thing the 60’s taught us was that most woman can be beautiful without make-up, bras, or expensive clothes; a lesson many of us took to heart.

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