Friday Fun: Autumnal Colours

It’s pointless to wonder which season is my favourite: I love them all! And yet there is something about the gentle sun of autumn on leaves which now feel free to show off all their colours… And, even if you don’t like pumpkins, there will be something to tickle your taste buds in the bountiful harvest.







Art from the local Pumpkin Festival.
Art from the local Pumpkin Festival.

And finally, the most beautiful picture of all, for which I can take no credit whatsoever. From the magnificent website.


21 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Autumnal Colours”

  1. Love the mice! I’ve always loved the colours of Autumn – I think New England in the Fall must be a wonderful sight!

    1. I’m afraid I can’t see your pictures through that link (and I don’t use FB much), but I am sure you are getting some wonderful colours there. The colours this year in our part of the world seem to be more extensive and brighter than ever.

  2. This is all just lovely, Marina Sofia! I love autumn best of all, I think. And I miss it terribly, living where I live. We really don’t have an autumn. Those pictures reminded me of how beautiful it can be.

    1. I would really miss having 4 seasons – although at times I could do with year-round summer. It’s the getting up in the dark, coming home in the dark that I find hard going.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the russet red colours of autumn. There’s nothing like a walk in the countryside on a crisp sunny morning at this time of year.

  4. Me too, me too! I haven’t had much time for walking yet, so I hope this weekend brings a little respite. Here’s wishing you glorious weather to indulge in such pleasures.

    1. I haven’t had much time to go for walks and take pictures bathed in a sunny glow this autumn, hopefully things will get better, as the colours seem particularly beautiful this year.

  5. I love the changing seasons too – can’t imagine living in a climate that’s the same all year round. I think my favourite pic is the Eiffel Tower – or possibly the red tree-lined avenue – where is it?

    1. Versoix, Switzerland. Hopefully I’ll get to go for a walk in the sunshine and have more gorgeous pictures (the leaves don’t look so photogenic in cloud cover).

  6. Love the Fall! Temperatures dip, winds lash my face and I always manage to end up in a cloudburst while biking. Here in NL we hear the geese flying south and it is one of the most beautiful sounds. Nature’s warning: put on the heat, close the curtains and light the candles!

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