Thank you very much…

… for your encouragement and support. I was very moved by all the kind words and offers of help.  I hesitated for a long time before I posted my self-indulgent rant on Sunday, but you have made feel much less alone.

Please forgive me if I don’t reply to each of your lovely comments individually. I was slightly overwhelmed at the number and quality of all your comments and find it difficult (and embarrassing) to respond. But know that I read and appreciated each one of them. [And I’ve made another appointment with my doctor.]

Thank you again.


15 thoughts on “Thank you very much…”

  1. I am glad you are facing your darkness and making plans to access help. I am sorry I did not see your previous post but I am not sure I would have been helpful. It is a tough season if you struggle with mood instability (I myself have bipolar). I had an exceptionally low weekend which seems somewhat better today but I should still contact my nurse all the same. I am telling you this so you know you are not alone. When darkness stalks don’t hesitate to shout at it, you have seen how many are ready to listen. And really that is sometimes what we need most.
    Peace, Joe.

  2. I’m very glad, Marina Sofia, that you you know how many of us care about you. I’m glad you’re getting the support that you deserve.

  3. Not self-indulgent at all – I’m sure your post helped others who do not feel able to speak about their feelings. I hope your doctor will be able to offer support that suits your needs.

  4. So pleased to hear you’ve made another appt and there’s some comfort for from the response you’ve received. Take Care & stay in touch… even if it is from under the duvet! xxx

  5. Dear S, I feel the same and found that there are no winter tyres in life: we all lurch from kerb to ditch, brake or speed up with frantic focus, steer away from the precipice; hoping always for a milder season ahead, better roads, more sunshine and warmth… which is what I wish you today. Much love, Mxxx

  6. I missed your original post because we were away at a convention over the weekend, but am so glad I’ve read it now. No, it wasn’t self-indulgent at all. xx

  7. I’ve only just seen this post and your previous one. All I can say is that so much of it rang true for me. I’m far too sensitive and have no idea how to stop things hurting me so much. I admired your honesty and the beautiful way you described your emotions. I hope that you find some solutions and feel better soon. Good luck with the doctor!

  8. I read your post nodding my head through practically the whole thing. I’m super-sensitive; I take teasing as a personal insult. I hate that about myself. I feel guilty for my depression and anxiety (mainly it’s anxiety that fosters the depression, for me) because, like you, I think about how there are thousands and thousands of people far worse off than I.

    I don’t take medicine for my issues because I always say to myself, what if the day comes when I can’t afford the meds? Or if they stop working and I have to take something stronger? Or if they’ll give me wacky side effects? So, I have had to come up with my own coping mechanisms. Writing and reading are the big ones — tunnels away from reality.

    I do believe that people can find their inner strength when they give themselves that chance. Talking about your depression to others is a great step, but only if they’re supportive and not critical. Once you find that perfect sounding board, stay with it. And keep up with the writing and/or reading, if those truly make you feel better. I love ending my day with a good book, thinking about someone else’s problems till I am so exhausted all I have to do is turn off the light and I’m asleep right away. That helped me from thinking too much at bedtime.

    Just remember you are not alone — this mental/emotional/spiritual crap afflicts so many people. Feel better soon!

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