Scents That Linger

lilacThere is no competition:
no freshly mown grass,
not even bread resting oven-hot.

For two intoxicating weeks
all the streets in our neighbourhood
become saturated with the drama
of spring ripening into summer:
sultry yet virginal,
adolescent meanders in the park behind school,
stolen handheld moments,
clumsy kiss.

All my journeys doubled for,
no matter how late I am,
I can never resist stopping
for a sniff.

The dVerse Poets Pub is open after its seasonal break, and Kelly is inviting us to write poems invoking the sense of smell and all the memories we associate with a particular scent.

26 thoughts on “Scents That Linger”

    1. Lilacs and linden trees in bloom filled the evenings with their delicious scent in the neighbourhood where I lived as a teenager. Thank you for reading!

  1. Oh, there’s nothing like it, is there, Marina Sofia? You do a fabulous job of capturing the power of scent here.

  2. No competition surely….and I am really looking forward to that spring awakening again ~ I too can never resist that smell ~

    1. Thank you, I used to greedily start tearing at the bread as soon as it came out of the oven and then get tummy-ache… so that ‘resting’ was enforced.

  3. Bang on, & thanks for the recall of that odiferous week of olfactory heaven. Here in the NW, the air can be intoxicating, even for crones like me. I like the implications that young love can blossom during that time as well. But returning home from school on my Mom’s baking day, with a fresh loaf of bread just out of the oven, with huge slices torn off & slathered with butter & jam, that’s a close second for me.

  4. Ah, there is something about the smell of spring, I think. Looks like lilacs in the photo….one of my favorite spring scents; and I can’t resist stopping when I come upon a bush either. Smiles.

  5. Lilacs bloom when school ends for summer here in Sweden… I think it has to be the perfect flower for all young love… Walking through the streets in the smell of lilacs picking a flower for your loved one… wonderful…

  6. I like your description of “sultry yet virginal” and the “clumsy kiss.” And I love how the smell of lilacs transports you to your happy place too…nice.

  7. “No matter how late I am”……………..I took a deep breath to inhale your poem even as I rushed out the door to run a late errand in town. Thank you for such a lovely set of words.

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