Quince Blossoms in Frost

Photo courtesy of Toni Spence from dVerse Poets.
Copyright Kanzensakura, all rights reserved. Used by permission.

I eat quince to keep me sober. Its bitter, astringent taste wakes me to a world where sweetness is not the aftertaste, where juiciness cannot be taken for granted. It is the fruit for grown-ups.

Yet when you roast it, what a transformation! It melts in honeyed dew on your tongue. Do I likewise melt and linger when the fires burn me up? Or do I blend with molten iron to form a steely backbone?

Prickly bittersweet
Memory of golden fruit
Flower in the frost

This poem, written for Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, is dedicated to my favourite fruit, the hard-to-find and even harder-to-describe quince, and is dedicated to the memory of my favourite musician, David Bowie, who was likewise unique and hard to describe.

25 thoughts on “Quince Blossoms in Frost”

  1. What an effective way to share the quince, Marina Sofia! You really depict it well, I think. And David Bowie’s loss is a very sad one; he will be sorely missed.

  2. I must admit I haven’t tasted one Marina ~ I like the twist in the taste too, very unique like our talented soul David ~ I couldn’t even think of a fruit or a color to describe him as he is a standout among great musicians ~ Wishing you a lovely week Marina ~

  3. The comparison of the quince to the human condition is spot on. There’s a quince tree in a neighbouring garden and I can’t wait for the fruit to do just that what you described. A delicious treat really! As to David Bowie, he leaves a gap, for sure.

  4. Thanks for your comment in my blog! Continue to ’embrace the flower.’ Smiles. Sometimes one needs to keep that ‘steely backbone,’ and though the fruit can be ‘bitter’ at times, if you keep your eyes on the flower much is possible!

  5. “I eat quince to keep me sober. Its bitter, astringent taste wakes me to a world where sweetness is not the aftertaste” I love this. It is like good conversation vs small talk. I like this viewpoint.

  6. I loved the poem, and the dedication. Very apt. Although quince grows in Greece and is easy,to find in season, I’ve never considered eating it raw! Besides roasted, and in a paste, we grate it thickly and make jam to spoon over yogurt.

  7. Such a rare and unique fruit…amazing how it transforms through being cooked. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful writing and especially that you included a tribute to David Bowie.

  8. Plant a quince tree! Ours is incredibly productive – we drown in quinces for a few weeks in the autumn. I like to slice one into a pan of stewing apples – that aromatic scent pervades everything. And there’s nothing as good as quince jelly…

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