Found Poetry: Hypochondriac

The moral of the story is: always keep your old notebooks! Just the other day, I came across this little fragment of poetry in an old notebook. Always good to have some material to work on… and so appropriate on a day when my older son is home with a fever. And no, he is not the hypochondriac in this story!

You fear meningitis
with each stiffening joint.
You understand colitis
at its intricate extreme.
Tachycardia is no stranger
to your medicated bliss
and doctors are your allies
when they prescribe and echo
every fear and twinge.
Advice you dispense freely
alongside cups of tea
with lashings of lemon and honey
to soothe those constricted throats.
So prudent and cautious,
you inch your way forward
to the same finishing line…

5 thoughts on “Found Poetry: Hypochondriac”

  1. Ah, that last line is great, Marina Sofia! Well, the whole poem is, really. And such a great depiction of hypochondria, too. I do hope your son’s better very soon.

  2. Haha! You’re spot on! I’ve had to insist that no-one ever describes symptoms to me or I will immediately contract the disease. I swear someone once described mumps to me and my glands swelled up! Hope your son gets better soon – I wonder if I have a fever coming on… 😉

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