Full Moon on Monday and Writing Plans

The setting full moon over the Jura mountains got me singing ‘Full Moon on Monday’. Although, a while later, I realised that the Duran Duran song of my childhood was actually called ‘New Moon on Monday’. The lyrics are as vague and nonsensical as all Duran Duran lyrics ever were, but the video seems to suggest a revolution in the making, so this is my personal writing revolution, rather than a New Year’s resolution. I will be, as always, ruthlessly candid.FullMoon

  1. No one else is going to write my novel for me.
  2. Agents and publishers have a short attention span and will not wait for me forever.
  3. In fact, it may already be too late for 2.
  4. But that is no excuse to lay down arms.
  5. The next few months may be my last chance to focus with anything resembling single-mindedness on writing.
  6. Yes, there are still major logistical hurdles before me (moving house and country, changing schools, job hunting), but I will worry about those nearer the time.
  7. So what if everyone and their dog are writing ‘domestic noir’ and I am getting bored with the genre? That doesn’t mean I should lose confidence in my own project. If I don’t believe it offers something fresh and unique, then who else is going to believe it? Besides, it’s more of a gangster and police chase novel than a pure domestic.
  8. Volunteering for all sorts of writing-related responsibilities and tasks may be fun, but do they help me to finish the novel? If the answer is no, then I need to be ruthless about turning down these requests.
  9. I will still read and review crime fiction – it helps to know what is currently being published – but I should also read more widely and critically, with particular emphasis on the writers that I can learn from. Not to copy them, of course, but to understand the mechanics rather than just be wowed by the style.
  10. I also want to read for fun, without reviewing, without pen in hand, according to whim and fancy. Because life is too short to be earnest all the time.
  11. And on that note, always have something to look forward to and something to celebrate. That is my remedy for depression. Yes, there are all the other possible solutions as well: medication or talking to someone, exercising more regularly, using my daylight-simulating lamp or just going out more above the cloud level, exploring the settings for my novel… Add to that things such as a writing conference in March, the crime festival in Lyon on 1-3 April, and a writing retreat in June, and you can see that 2016 will be all about drive but also treats!
  12. If I don’t take care of myself, no one else will, and I won’t be able to take care of others. Yet I must also allow those others to take more care of themselves, without agonising too much about what kind of a parent I am.
  13. Don’t think diet, think lifestyle change. I intend to write more than one novel, so I need to form lifelong habits.
  14. Stop caring what other people say about my decisions and my life. No one knows what pain feels like for other people, no one can live my life for me.
  15. And no one can write my life for me either. Or my novel. Or my poems.

37 thoughts on “Full Moon on Monday and Writing Plans”

  1. You write beautifully. I really do think it’s only a matter of time for you and you’ll have both agent and publisher and be holding your published work in your hands. It definitely isn’t too late for 2. Lots and lots of good luck!

  2. My dear Marina Sofia,

    I am wishing you more flow, more joy and fewer resolutions.

    I genuinely do not believe that it will be “too late” for your novel and even if you don’t publish it with a traditional publisher, there are all kind of ways to put a book into the world. I look forward to your words ~ however they come to me.


    1. Very kind of you to say so, I really appreciate that. I hope there is more joy and flow for everyone this year – and a revolution in my head rather than resolutions on paper!

  3. What a beautiful post, Marina Sofia (and from a former Duranie, your opening gambit touched my heart. An utterly nonsensical song that I still adore, for all that it meant to me as a fifteen-year-old heartsick girl 🙂 )

    There is so much I love about what you’ve written- your concrete plans, your attainable goals, your dreams. As someone who is approaching the launch of her first novel at the same time as she is approaching the age of 47, the notion of “too late” has been well and truly kicked out the door. Write, dear one. Just write. xoxo Julie

    1. Fellow Duranie, well met! Thank you so much and congratulations on your novel, wishing you every success as well. I don’t think it’s ever too late in life. I just meant that it may be too late for the particular agent/editor combination who were really keen to see my finished work.

    1. Nah, I’ve been too lenient on myself, if anything, and too quick to find excuses for not writing. I will be resplendently fierce and feisty with myself and others from now on!

  4. I love this post, Marina Sofia! I admire your sense of purpose and your determination to focus on your writing. As you say, no-one else will write your work. That’s because your work is unique; no-one else can write it. I’m so glad you’re determined that your voice will be heard.

    1. Ah, I talk a good talk, now let’s see if I can put my money where my mouth is… Am I mixing up all the metaphors there? Never mind, it’s the end result that counts!

  5. I love your writing revolution. And as far as the misappropriated Duran Duran lyrics – who cares? It works for you – and artistic license 😉

    Best of luck in all your ‘revolutions’!

      1. Nor I. My father and I love perusing a book I bought him years ago with misheard lyrics 🙂

  6. Wonderful resolutions Marina Sofia. I think you’ve hit on it with always giving yourself something to look forward to – that’s one of the keys to coping (my books are my coping mechanism, but that’s another story). What you write is excellent – keep on keeping on with it!

  7. Here’s my resolution for 2017 – read MarinaSofia’s first published novel! You can do it, girl, and I’m certain you’ll bring something new to the table – great writing, for a start!

  8. Best of luck with all the good resolutions.
    I’m sure you’ll make it, it’s just a question of managing all the balls you’re juggling with.

    1. Not resolutions, revolution – just one, but solid. And it’s a question of juggling less – I’ve had enough of the circus act!
      P. S. So we’ll meet up again at Quais du Polar?

  9. All the best, Marina Sofia. Your post brims with optimism, and let that not deter. I look forward to reading your books soon. 🙂

  10. Love this post Marina… so honest & heartwarming! I’m still toying with my resolutions but many are of a similar ilk to yours… wishing you a healthy productive balance xx

  11. I’m having a Duran Duran flashback!! These are great revolutions — and I love using that term, instead of resolution. It packs so much more power! Looking forward to more of your words in 2016. All Best! Lisa

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