Happy Year of the Fire Monkey

I am a Monkey in the Chinese horoscope and very pleased to be one, although I recognise some of the less desirable traits all too well (low boredom threshold, need constant stimulation, can be lazy and too clever for their own good). However, the year of the Fire Monkey can be surprising, full of conflicts and uncertainty, but also full of new beginnings. The last one was in 1956 – and what a year that was!

For dVerse this time we are looking at fortune cookies (which are not even Chinese) and the enigmatic little messages they contain. My ‘fortune’ is: ‘Your shoes will make you happy today’.

From  cookdiary.net
From cookdiary.net

My shoes make me happy every day.
They fit when clothes have seized up and burst.
They snug my toes in wrapped warm delight.
They point accusing in red-tempered glare.

My shoes were once my masters.
I hobbled with calloused vanity
on wobbly stilettos or platforms of skyscraper height.

Now I am myself
and my shoes punctuation,
underlining the essence of moods every day.


40 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Fire Monkey”

    1. Ah, I thought that humour in your storytelling sounded familiar… And shoes are indeed the purveyors of good things – but also torture instruments on occasion.

      1. I am a Monkey through and through! These days I opt for practicality over glamour when it comes to footwear – unusual is great, but uncomfy is very much not.

  1. Lovely! My days of heels and fancy shoes are long gone alas – comfy ones keep me happy…

  2. Oh, this is such a great take on shoes, Marina Sofia! I, too, used to be subject to those tottering heels, but not any more. Life’s too short to wear shoes that aren’t comfortable. Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!

  3. Those last lines are amazing metaphor Marina ~ Now as I am older, I don’t or hardly wear high heeled shoes ~ Good to see you happy and merry ~ May it be a great year for you then ~

  4. and my shoes punctuation,
    underlining the essence of moods every day.

    There usually will be a period preceding, that can guide one’s fortune towards achieving the desired result. It is a build-up that slowly turns out to be true.


  5. I smiled at the fact that your shoes were once your masters. Ha, I have a daughter like that. To me there is nothing more uncomfortable to even LOOK at than stilletos or platforms. I prefer my various varieties of Converse! LOL. (And so do my ankles & toes!)

  6. Yes, born in 1944, I am an elder Monkey, pleased that this will be a year to rival 1956, when I was 12, Eisenhower was President, I dreamed of being an actor & writer (became both) but made an actual living as a teacher. I have painted my SUV red, & my wardrobe is rife with red; my favorite color. My wife retires this year, & will join my in this fire celebration; & by the way, loved your take on the prompt.

    1. Ah, a monkey – no wonder you became an actor. I’m very fond of acting too, it does seem to be a very monkeyish trait. I was thinking of 1956 more in terms of Suez crisis, Hungarian revolution being quashed by Soviet tanks and other such ‘pleasantries’.

  7. underlining the essence of moods every day… ah yes, shoes seem to determine our mood and comfort zone as we waltz through the day 🙂 Well penned.

    Lots of love,

  8. I too have gone the way of comfortable shoes but I still do try to have them cute and stylish also! Nothing worse than sore feet… So enjoyed this, MarinaSofia, and so glad that we can still wear our shoes even though we’re busting out of our clothes! 🙂

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