Happy Conference Times Are Here Again!

Back in February 2012 I had just recently arrived in Geneva and was so busy settling everyone else into the new environment that I forgot to make myself happy. I was lonely, frustrated and feeling uninspired. But then I discovered the Geneva Writers Group and attended their biennial conference. I ‘accidentally’ attended a poetry workshop run by the wonderful Naomi Shihab Nye and suddenly the words were gushing out of me, after a twenty-year absence from poetry, and nearly as many years of not really taking writing of any kind seriously enough. The first poem was a bit gauche and hesitant, but a clear manifesto. And I haven’t stopped writing since (or only temporarily, because finding the time for it is still challenging, although far less than it used to be).

So you bet that I am excited to be attending my third Geneva Writers Conference later this month! We have some wonderful writers/publishers attending as instructors and panelists: Tessa Hadley, Jane Friedman, Carmen Bugan, Ann Hood, Liz Jensen, Shaun McCarthy, Frederick Reiken, Andrea Stuart, Susan Tiberghien, Jason Donald and Wallis Wilde Menozzi. I expect to be challenged, inspired and kicked into action. After all, who understands writers better than other writers?


10 thoughts on “Happy Conference Times Are Here Again!”

  1. I would really like to come, we were thinking about it with my daughter-in-law who is the sister of Olivia Abittan, but I’m afraid it might be difficult this year. It would have been lovely to meet up. Olivia really loves this conference. Maybe next year…

    1. What a small word – I had no idea you knew someone over here! Shame you can’t make it. It’s held every two years, so the next one will be in 2018.

      1. What a bore! I thought it was every year… Unfortunately the situation here is fraught at the moment, so V and I can’t see ourselves dumping the kids on the men and taking off. They’re working all hours and need a bit of R&R on the weekend. And we can’t dump the kids on Olivia since she’s at the conference too 😦

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