Plans for Quais du Polar Lyon 2016

This will be the fourth (and probably last) time I attend the Quais du Polar in Lyon and, believe me, I know just how fortunate I am! The timetable this year (between April 1-3) is, as always, terribly tempting, with many conflicting interests tearing me apart. So, for the sake of some clarity, I’ve decided to focus on women and BAME writers, as well as writers from lesser-known crime fiction countries (many of them entirely new to me). Sadly, not that many women writers are invited to the festival this year.

Copyright: Laurent Bouchard, Quais du Polar.
Copyright: Laurent Bouchard, Quais du Polar.

Here is the plan:

From the UK: Jessica Cornwell, L.S. Hilton and Sophie Hannah. I’ve read and even reviewied many of Hannah’s books, can’t get hold of Jessica Cornwell in the time left, and will read LS Hilton’s allegedly ‘explosive’ Maestra by then.

From the US: Jax Miller and Sara Gran. The latter is on my e-reader – crime set in New Orleans, doesn’t get much better than that! As for Jax Miller, everyone has been raving about her debut novel Freedom’s Child, but I haven’t read it yet.

Germany: Nele Neuhaus. I reviewed her for CFL a couple of years ago – a breezy style and an interesting start via self-publishing.

South Africa: Deon Meyer (well, who can resist him?) and Michele Rowe (new to me)

Switzerland: Sebastien Meier. I’ve heard about him: despite his Germanic-sounding name, he writes in French.

Austria: Marc Elsberg. He writes technical thrillers, about cyberspying, so I’m not sure that’s my cup of tea or glass of Grüner Veltliner.

Iran: Nairi Nahapetian – journalist of Armenian descent born in Iran, who is exiled from her home country and writes in French.

Turkey: Alper Canigüz. Has been translated into French but not English. The Assassination of Hicabi-bey apparently features a five-year-old who refuses to go to nursery and becomes a detective instead!

Africa: Janis Otsiemi from Gabon; Leye Adenle from Nigeria and Kangni Alem from Togo.

Of course, I also hope to sneak in a little conversation with other guests, such as Irvine Welsh, Anthony Horowitz, Arnaldur Indridason, Jo Nesbo, Craig Johnson, David Lagercrantz, David Peace, Donato Carrisi, Franck Thilliez, J. J. Connolly, John Connolly, Richard Price, Olivier Truc, Antonin Varenne. Many of whom I have reviewed either on CFL or here.

So here is my request for you: any burning questions you would like me to ask any of these authors?

19 thoughts on “Plans for Quais du Polar Lyon 2016”

    1. Because once I return to the UK, it will be harder (and more expensive) to go to Lyon. Unless of course I get invited as an author (one can but dream!)

  1. I could be facetious and get you to ask Indridason if Erlendur’s brother will ever be found….. (assuming that hasn’t already happened in one of the ones not yet translated!)

  2. Oh, it sounds like such a wonderful conference, Marina Sofia, and I’ll be very keen to know what you learned at it. I’m also sorry to hear it’ll likely be your last. I find that good conferences enrich me.

    1. It’s always a great event and you get to meet and talk to such interesting authors (and such a variety). Tell you what, when we become famous and translated into French, then let’s plan to get invited the same year…

  3. That’s a great line-up, Marina. Of the authors you’ve listed, I’ve only read Irvine Welsh (probably not for me) and David Peace (a great writer, but I try to leave quite a lot of space between his books as they can be quite brutal). Peace is the one I would most like to see – will he be discussing a new book or a certain topic in particular?

    1. Ah, no, I’m not going to be able to read everything before then, but these are the ones I intend to talk to and find out more about. Or perhaps read after.

  4. Great plan!! I wish I could come too! (that said, I say that every year… if only it could fit into the calendar and be set during school holidays) Tell us all about whoever you manage to see!

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