The Source and Now the Final

‘Let’s go to the Allondon’s source!’ they cried and I

expect a trickle or gentle gush, a scene of birth.

Not a waterfall pummelling the mossy rocks then

pausing in a pool to gather breath before

thundering in confidence across pastures, between trees.

It’s March and snows are melting, you tell me that

in summer it slows to suppuration.

So I wonder what you think of the slowing of my seasons

and stumble in my gait.

Photo from
Photo from

The river Allondon is unusual: it springs out of the ground as a waterfall, so is already a considerable stream as it rustles and hustles and meanders its way through the Pays de Gex to join the Rhone. I am linking this poem to the wonderfully diverse offerings on display at Open Link Night for dVerse Poets.


38 thoughts on “The Source and Now the Final”

    1. The poem needs some more work, but there is something about the joys of spring which probably lose their lustre a little when you think it may be the last spring you experience.

  1. For those of us in America, this is an exotic locale; really enjoyed this romp to a river’s source, & tribute to the Spring now upon us. I like the lines /pausing in a pool to gather breath before/thundering in confidence across pastures, between trees/.

  2. This must be a spectacular sight to behold. There’s a river that flows near my house called The Mole that disappears straight down into the ground after a lazy meander for many miles. It’s amazing to see.

  3. in my mythology, we are our most alone during the times when we think we are most assured of our intellectual bearings and when reading this…the universe says to me, I should always give up trying to control rain, for water births love just the same as it would by fire or wind or landslide too…such a fun Spring piece to read…

  4. Odd, to think that summer is the season of the waterfall’s “suppuration,” that such force would expend so soon: But poets (Rilke said) have the strength of swimmers—everything and then none.

  5. Wonderful and introspective…I love this

    “waterfall pummelling the mossy rocks then

    pausing in a pool to gather breath before

    thundering in confidence across pastures, between trees.”

    Really love nature and emotions woven together in this piece!

  6. sMiLes.. with
    age comes
    for those
    who move..
    connect and
    continue to create anew..
    perhaps a little slower
    but the
    oLd as
    Ocean wHole
    when Life Waves..
    wHole toGeThER..:)

  7. Marina, such a powerful metaphor for the passing of time. Perhaps when the rains tops I shall walk up to our cascade and she what she inspires… Beautiful!

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