The Meaning of the Colour Purple

Purple stands for royalty, nobility, ambition, luxury and power.

Ambition pure in purple rays
squirted by sea creatures in precious gusts.
Noblemen captured it in togas and cloaks,
now paled to inoffensive and little girls.
The rinse of predilection for ladies just over the hill or
tip to toe for Barbie’s dream.
I no longer believe in what the spirit moves.
You smell of her and yet you mock
my small-minded flinching
and bruises.
We’re all just bodies,
veins and sinews,
muscle ache and porous bones,
with long seasons on repeat.
Never the dagger thrust into compliance and flesh.

I am linking this to my beloved dVerse Poets Pub. Although I am no longer behind the bar, I do enjoy popping in every now and then for a visit. Come and join me for some fun poetry and discussions! It will be Open Link Night tonight.

20 thoughts on “The Meaning of the Colour Purple”

  1. I really love the different perspectives you take on purple, Marina Sofia. And you even take a look at what it’s meant over time. This is terrific!

  2. My favourite colour too… especially when it’s a certain chocolate wrapper😉

    I love the richness & depth of your words that evoke such strong imagery despite their brevity. Good job!

    1. Umm, actually, this stems from an exercise in which we had to write about our least favourite colour… I never quite got on with pink or purple. Yet, by the end of the exercise, I began to appreciate it more.

  3. When I was a kid purple was my favorite color. Now it makes me think of flowers as some of my favorite flowers are purple. But so many less beautiful things are purple, like bruises. Peace, Linda

  4. Enjoyed your varied perspective on purple, Marina Sofia. Some of your perspectives are very regal and some very human. And yes, we are all just bodies — veins and sinews, so down to earth.

  5. It is indeed a noble color but I have a hard time wearing one ~ I prefer someone wearing it or seeing the colors on flowers and other things ~

  6. Oh, how the color purple’s fate has sank so low – from being a mark of royalty to mark of abuse. Well written, Marina.

  7. WeLL..
    any pArt oF red
    iS not my favorite
    color.. including oh
    what makes purple
    iN iTs lofty position oF
    rainbow hue.. but hmm..
    they say iT iS of the highest
    oF colorED chakras too.. i prefer
    the humbler color(s) as iT never
    for granted
    more.. a Green
    or Blue or other
    earth color WiLL
    do for Nature grounded
    fine for me.. LofY purple
    can keep its place bEyOnd sKeYes..:)

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