Flash Fiction: Understatement

A fun little Sunday read for you. I’m thinking of starting a once-a-month Lazy Sunday read series with flash fiction. Just for the sake of writing something different.

A great crime writer had once shared tips for the perfect murder at a conference.  All Camille had done was tweak a few details. There were no coastal walks in her area, so she had to improvise with glaciers. He was too vain to use hardcore winter gear, not vain enough to never go out on winter walks. She had carefully drained the batteries of both his mobile phones.  He never checked. No hardship disabling the avalanche tracker on his ski-jacket – he had never given her sufficient credit for a scientific mind.

It was not science she detested, only his relentless droning about it.

‘With his height and weight, you were very lucky not to get pulled in after him, Madame.’ The Salvamont rescue team told her.

Luck had nothing to do with it, but Camille nodded, gulping the hot, sweet liquid gratefully.

‘He always told me I was hopeless at knots… little did I think…’

Glacier crevice, from camping.de
Glacier crevice, from camping.de


16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Understatement”

    1. Thank you, I’ll seriously consider it. I always though I was a bit slow at prompts – but perhaps setting them is easier than responding to them 😉

      1. Well from experience I’d say no…..every two weeks I set one and it’s often a major thinking exercise……but good luck be good to have something new to write to of a Sunday….

        1. Depends what you want folk to do….there are plenty of examples for you to take note of….there’s one on Mondays now that asks you to write on a moral and that is a challenge…..

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, this is terrific! I really like the way you portray this couple and their characters so effectively in so few words. You set the scene really well, too. Please, please do this sort of thing again!

    1. This is based on a true story: well, just the bit about the famous crime writer (PD James) saying at a conference that the perfect murder would be to push someone off the cliff in a secluded area, because there’s no way to prove it was murder.

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