Where to Bury the Dead

At the weekend, I did a little field trip to check the accuracy of my chosen ‘body dumping’ site in my WIP. I took plenty of pictures to share with you and am already starting to feel a little homesick for these landscapes, even though I haven’t left them yet… Tentative quotes from relevant passages precede each picture.

They’d left the motorway and were climbing higher and higher into the Jura.



The road was a tangle of crazed twists, and Melinda was glad she wasn’t the one driving.



In spring and summer the road would be teeming with motorcyclists who believed they were training for vertical Moto GP…



There was no barrier to protect you from the sheer drop below, only those pathetic red sticks to mark the road in case of snowfall.



They thought this might be the forest path they’d taken the previous day…



‘We’ll have to leave the car and head there on foot…’



They found a ditch between two long bushes, the perfect place to leave their burden.



21 thoughts on “Where to Bury the Dead”

    1. Thank you, if only you knew… It was far too sunny and the sun was in the wrong position, so it was a bit hard to take pictures. Lots of ‘shading the lense with the hand’ and creeping about in undergrowth…

  1. Hard to think about burying the dead on such a lovely day and in such beautiful surroundings but I suppose needs must if you’re a murderer – or a crime writer.

  2. Those are fabulous ‘photos, Marina Sofia! More to the point, I’m really intrigued by the quotes you included with them. I’m very keen to read your novel!

  3. Oh… stunning views but those twisty roads & sudden drops immediately evoke vertigo & nausea (remember a road trip down from Gruyere to Montreux felt like we were going to do an Italian Job at anytime) … love the idea of a field trip! determined to squeeze an Italian theme into my WIP to justify a month ‘foraging’ for authenticity 🙂

  4. See, that’s how murderers get caught – by publishing pictures of the burial site on their blogs! You’ll have to dig the body up now and move it… 😉

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