Poetry Link-Up: Content Inside

She’s forgotten the hot shiver
of a new hand
stroking her hair

Her skin stretched and soft
like blotting paper
no longer absorbs
the ink bruise of lovebites.

Crooning a broken record of a lovesong
she tangles her hair
for the few seconds
her body convulses

And feels the power she once had given
to the nook of broad shoulders on men.

Image courtesy of favim.com
Image courtesy of favim.com

I’ve been submitting quite a few poems to literary magazines lately, so I’ve been using this blog only to post very rough first drafts or discarded poems or poems which require substantial reworking. Apologies for that! I’m still cheekily linking this up to dVerse Poets Open Link Night, which starts later on today, because I always enjoy going there for a visit. Join me if you can!

23 thoughts on “Poetry Link-Up: Content Inside”

  1. Wooo! Rough draft, my left toe. I love this. That second stanza took my breath, and that ending couplet made me say (out loud), “MmmmMMMM!”

  2. Oh, Marina Sofia, this is really powerful! It’s brilliantly done, and captures so much really effectively. It’s one of those poems that you want to linger over and read again.

  3. this poem has such a human feel, with great imagery. i can clearly imagine body and soul and goosebumps. nicely done.

  4. I love how your speaker bares herself open to us–her past and present, her all (in that moment). There is power in the way she relate what is now gone, but there is even more in what she has now… in what she gives herself.

  5. I admire the character drawn specially: ink bruise of lovebites. And that ending line says a lot: And feels the power she once had given
    to the nook of broad shoulders on men.

    Good to see you Marina ~

  6. Hot damn, this is fantastic! I am *drooling* over that opening line: “She’s forgotten the hot shiver” … Wow. Kind of a scary thought, really.

    I’ll tell you what, though. Having your hair stroked/played-with is just about the most heavenly thing in the world to me.

    Speaking of hair, I love the color of that girl’s hair … the one in the picture. I might have to snag it.

  7. Oh my! Such honest sensuality in this. Giving into but taking back her independence and strength as well. That third stanza – wow. I closed my eyes and could see it, could feel and recognize it. Excellent!

  8. Both sensual & truthful, the woman POV has emerged sweat-soaked & silken. I liked the line /crooning a broken record of a livelong/. A naive maiden this is not; a primer for men to study.

  9. Had to think of you again today while reading about Robert Grenier and Hank Lazar. What would this powerful poem look like if turned this handwritten poem into an image with tangled lines (sentences) and sensual curves?

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