Flee the Fire

So no, if you scratch me, I will not bleed. If you stab my heart, your knife will splinter on sheer flint. The calamine-soaked bandages sticking to the pus of my burn wounds neither hurt nor soothe me. I’ve been burning since the night I forgot to check on Freddie. Hell is the only place for me and I dare not leave it any time soon.

The forest fires in Canada may no longer be in the news, but they are still raging (although some rain is making the firefighters’ work slightly easier). That will be a post for another day, about the shortlasting visbility of news stories…

7 thoughts on “Flee the Fire”

  1. Oh, this is really powerful, Marina Sofia!! Really well-chosen words and images, I think.

    1. Bit of an enigmatic one, I went off on a (possibly crime fiction) tangent. But those fires sparked it off – if you’ll pardon the pun.

  2. That is superb, incredibly powerful. I share your sentiments regarding the short time something so catastrophic is deemed to be newsworthy too – that will make a great post.

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