Teenagers and Drama Queens

Teenagers of both sexes can be such drama queens –  I remember how important and raw and overwhelming EVERYTHING seemed back in those years. The hates, the loves, the passions were all so much more immediate and colourful! So, my thirteen year old has only just become a teenager but is displaying all of these strong feelings. Or rather, the feelings are often getting the better of him.

This sometimes leads to some amusing situations, such as when he is required to write a poem for his French class on the subject of melancholy. His efforts seemed to me worthy of a bloodthirsty and world-weary Baudelaire:


Dans la ville c’est bientôt le soir.
Mélancolie, la bile noire,
seule la tristesse comme émotion.
Tout le monde est donc en dépression.

Un autre homme tombe mort
Il faudra enterrer son corps
Le cimetière est déjà plein.
Voilà la fin de mon refrain.

English translation (sadly, without the sound effects they were required to create):

The city soon turns to dusk.
Melancholy, that black bead,
sadness the only emotion.
Everyone is in deep depression.

Another body falling down.
We’ll have to bury his corpse.
The cemetery is already full.
And that’s the end of my refrain/song!

Messy teenage bedroom, from alamy.com
Messy teenage bedroom, from alamy.com

And now that my internet connection appears to have come back (hush, softly, I don’t want to jinx it!), I’ve been enjoying the #Teensin5words hashtag. Some of them will resonate with many of us, whether we are currently parenting teens or not:

Stomp stomp stomp stomp SLAM!

You were never my age!

Shut up! I know everything!

Too late for Plan B.

I’m linking this up to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub, although it is not really my poem. But it’s a good way to end a horrendous week (or two, or three) without internet or phone, after not being able to read any of the wonderful poems there!


22 thoughts on “Teenagers and Drama Queens”

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, you are entering those years with your son!!! I wish you both well, and I will encourage you by saying you do get through it. Those Teens in 5 are classic, too. If I may be so bold, here’s one, too:
    You don’t understand anything!

    1. Oh, my! Just saw that’s only four words. Sorry! But I heard that a lot when my daughter was a teen…

  2. I for one do not mind this is not your own. I can laugh hugely at this for I have no children but have eight in a Sunday School class. My five words? Screech! Mutter. Ignore. Eye rolls.

  3. According to my grandma, I was born 40-years-old, so I never went through the troubling-teen-stage. But goodness gracious, I still remember how confused I used to feel when my big brother became a teenager. I was convinced he had been changed by a look-alike. He went from serene to nuclear in a few seconds, and I couldn’t make sense of it.

    Now I wonder if he wrote any poetry about it…

    Your son did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing it with us. And the #Teensin5words are hysterical (and very telling).

  4. What a very good try (and a great translation) I certainly could not have obtained anything of that caliber from even my 6th formers

    So, I say « Bravo jeune homme ! »

    Le soir est tombé sur la ville
    Et la tristesse s’y instille
    Une profonde mélancolie
    Règne déjà sur toute vie.

    Dans la rue, là, encore un mort !
    Où donc enfouir ce pauvre corps ?
    Les cimetières en sont déjà pleins
    Ainsi s’achève mon refrain.

    A veil of dusk shrouds the city
    Sadness descends with no mercy
    Such deep and dark melancholy
    Stretching into infinity.

    Death has just claimed another life
    Where shall we put this sorry knave?
    Alas no space for one more grave
    With such sorrow my tale is rife !

  5. Love it! I wish I could hear the sound effects, although I can imagine them pretty well. And now I will seek out that hashtag, to prepare me for what’s to come. 🙂

  6. Wonderful! You have a very talented teenage son Marina 😀 and I am so glad you shared this poem with us. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  7. I think its still amazing he was able to write one, smiles ~ I know about teen angst as I have a daughter who just turned 17 and everything is a drama.ha ~

    Good to have back in internet land…cheers !!!

  8. Brilliant! There’s nothing quite like the teen years for being able to see past all the potential joy in life straight to the inherent darkness and despair at its heart… 😉

  9. I had fun trying to translate with my rusty French before reading in English. “Melancholy, that black bead,
    sadness the only emotion.” I like that a lot.
    Oh I remember the drama…my own and my kids and I still see glimpses here and there.

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