Rethinking My 20 Books of Summer

Less than a week has gone by and I’m changing my mind about which books to include on my planned list of 20 books of summer. Well, if governments can do U-turns so easily, surely so can I? The reason for it is that I have now an unmanageable 50+ books lurking unread on Netgalley, so I need to improve my electronic books ratio. Even at the risk of running out of batteries… (literally and figuratively).

I’ve tried to swap like-for-like (women authors, English speakers, translated fiction for the same). So here are the changes I made:

  1. Emma Cline: The Girls – about the Manson Family murders and the summer of 1969
  2. Alison Umminger: My Favourite Manson Girl – because the two fit together like peas in a pod

These two will replace Charlotte Otter’s book set in South Africa and Christina Stead’s The Man who Loved Children.

I replace Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu with (3) Michel Bussi’s Black Water Lilies , a murder mystery set at Giverny, the village where Monet had his home and wonderful garden.

Finally, (4) John Banville: The Blue Guitar replaces Tim Lott, simply because it is on my eReader and will therefore improve my Netgalley reviewing ratio. Besides, doesn’t it have a gorgeous cover?




18 thoughts on “Rethinking My 20 Books of Summer”

  1. Hi, I read the Bussi years ago in French, I seem to remember it has more twists tha a pigs tail, one of my favourites

    1. Excellent – I was less impressed with another one of his I read last year, but people in the know told me that he can write well when he wants.

  2. How dull life would be if we couldn’t change our minds now and again. I have The Girls sitting on my shelves ready to be read, and hoping it will live up to all that hype.

    1. I heard some mixed review of The Blue Guitar, but I’ve liked the Banville I’ve read so far (not that much, to be honest), so we shall see.

  3. Personally, I think there’s always room for changing your mind about the books you’re going to read, Marina Sofia. I say, read what you want. I hope you’ll enjoy The Blue Guitar.

  4. Marina, I’m afraid I hate to think of a murder in those gorgeous gardens of Giverny… There is nothing wrong with changing ones mind. I’m more concerned with those who don’t. Like I use to say, “If you haven’t changed your mind lately, are you sure you can?”

  5. While I have a ‘few’ stacks close by for TBR, someone is always handing me another book to read so if I didn’t change which would be next at time, I hate to think…

  6. Yay! The Girls is on my list too, and I’ve been seeing good reviews of it recently. I loved The Blue Guitar – not particularly profound, maybe, but the writing is just gorgeous. And what makes me even happier is that you have 50+ NG books – beats my 38 hands down!! 😉

  7. I am very happy that you’ve included Emma Cline’s The Girls. I’m quite sure you’ll love it. As for changes, isn’t it great when we allow ourselves to change something? (I may change some book as well and I’m trying to convince myself it’s OK).

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