Sneak Preview: The Illegalists

I found out about this project from the Crime Fiction Lover website. Writers Stefan Vogel and Laura Pierce teamed up with bestselling artist Attile Futaki to create a good-looking and fascinating graphic novel called The Illegalists. Set in 1910 Paris, it focuses on the true story of the anarchist group the Bonnot Gang, led by the poor mechanic turned revolutionary, Jules Bonnot.

I helped to fund the project via Kickstarter and received a copy of it just in time for me to admire it (before putting it away in a box). So let me share a little with you [apologies for the picture quality: I just snapped them quickly in the sunshine on my garden chair].

The front cover.
The front cover.
Sample page.
Sample page.
Information about the page process.
Information about the page process.





9 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: The Illegalists”

      1. I’ve got the movie (La Bande a Bonnot, 1968) on my to-be-watched list for Noirish. It may be a few months before it actually gets there, though.

    1. Well, me and about 200 others at least! It doesn’t have to be lots of money. I couldn’t resist this one because of its beauty (they already had some sample pages when they went on Kickstarter), and then there was one about a year or two ago that was for ideological reasons: about young people in Europe and how they can impact the EU. Hmmm…

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