The Over You Blues

This poem was inspired by a night of blues at the fabulous Fetes des Fourvieres at the Roman Amphitheatre in Lyon. So it’s dedicated to Emma, reader, blogger and friend, who encouraged me to spend that glorious summer evening there with her.

Over You Blues

I’m gonna leave this town                   and take my mailbox too.

I’m gonna leave this goddam town                and take my mailbox too.

So when I leave this fake old town                 what are you gonna do?


With my mailbox all mine                   no more of your excuses will do.

When my mailbox is all mine                         your wrong address excuses won’t do.

I’ll keep my mailbox all to myself                   no more excuses from you!


I’m so over you now                even though you done me wrong.

I’m over and out with you now                       ‘cos you done me so wrong

I’m so over you now…                Don’t know why I’m writing this song!

The legendary Bessie Smith.
The legendary Bessie Smith.


28 thoughts on “The Over You Blues”

    1. Yes, of course, I never thought of it as a symbol (you won’t believe it, but it started out as a misheard lyric when I was listening to a blues song at that concert – but then I thought it would make a great poem).

  1. Yeah, I can totally dig this vibe. It would absolutely make a solid song. The opening line, with that unexpected second half, is my favorite.

  2. Six-string slide guitar, harmonica & foot tapping, smoky juke joint along the bayou–yes, yes, the blues, the people’s music. Queen Latifah can do a blues number admirably.

  3. You capture the genre here perfectly Marina – I was feeling the true in this, before I was even aware of what was going on… A taste of the blues was such great unexpected surprise for me tonight – thank you

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