Van Gogh Erasure Poetry

Picture and art credit to Emily Blincoe at
Picture and art credit to Emily Blincoe at


Even if I go under in the attempt

this I know:

I have a definite belief as regards art.

The great doesn’t happen through impulse alone.

If one is competent in one thing

one can learn rhythm in other areas.

It’s the succession of little



even if we’re tired, we go on –

because we’ve already gone a long way.

You may not always be able to say what confines you.

And the Prison is sometimes called mistrust.

If it were that easy

one wouldn’t have any pleasure of it.

That is all I seek:

always something other than heroism.

I try not to forget how to jest.

Based on the Selected Letters of Vincent Van Gogh. The picture above is one of a series of pictorial prompts on the theme of ‘Arrangements’ from dVerse Poets Pub. The colours reminded me so much of Van Gogh’s palette. Plus, I tend to be a stickler for a tidy desk arranged just so before I can start writing…


32 thoughts on “Van Gogh Erasure Poetry”

  1. Yes, its the little things and thoughts of care that go into a good art work ~ Impulse is not enough to sustain; craft must be honed time and time again ~ Thanks for joining us Marina ~

  2. …”and the prison is sometimes called mistrust”…..great line. I also saw art and color in the photographs, how one puts so much of one’s self into the art.

  3. I really like the focus on perseverance and on having faith in oneself, Marina Sofia. You chose such an interesting form to express yourself, too. Beautifully done!

        1. It’s a great way to get the poetic juices flowing again, you always find something new and unexpected and then start writing your own poetry.

  4. Yes these colors are definitely Van Gogh’s pallette. You did an amazing job with this found poem. I love Van Gogh and his art but even more, I love his words. You oicked an amazing selection from his letters

    1. For a long time I didn’t think ‘found’ poetry or ‘erasure’ poetry qualified as the real thing, but then I realised how much I enjoyed reading it when others did it, so I’m a convert now.

  5. A stunning juxtaposition of Van Gogh’s words, Blinco’s image, & the color palette they shared. I seems to be bumping into several folks out here who are borderline OCD, & this tidiness & control prepare them for their artistic endeavor. Yet, out of chaos near perfection can be achieved (from my perspective). my desks are laden with piles of paper, & it all makes some kind of sense to me, adheres to some kind of internal nuance of order. Bt at other times I do need to organize & arrange things to expedite their use. Someone in comments mentions joy–wow, yes, without the inner joy that writing a poem, or snapping an image provides, the work/creativity would become a hollow leaden–eyed experience.

    1. Ha, ha, yes, I was surprised at how many fellow ‘tidy addicts’ there were amongst us! Mind you, there are times when it’s all messy abandon – and that’s what makes life interesting and creative tension really powerful (to me at least). You are so right!

  6. I love your re-arrangement and the source of your inspiration.
    Breaking out of that prison of mistrust is liberating for art, mind and soul!

  7. “Even if we’re tired we go on because we’ve already gone a long way”… thanks, I’m kinda tired today but your poem (and colorful image) perks me up!

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