Haibun: A Good Night

It’s the last Haibun Monday of the year and we have all week to link to dVerse Poets’ prompt of a good night, a preparation for this time of year when it’s dark outside but hopefully we find some comfort, warmth and light inside. It’s hard to stay cheerful when I know so many are bombed out of their homes and find no comfort at all, but I cannot miss the last prompt of the year, especially since our host is the lovely Toni, whose mother is currently very, very ill. So here is my memory of a Swiss celebration, the descent of the cows to the valley in autumn.

Desalpe in Fribourg, from myswitzerland.com
Desalpe in Fribourg, from myswitzerland.com

This being Switzerland, of course, we stop at midnight on the dot, but before that it’s all song and games. With apple on dapple cows, boys and girls equally handsome and flag-bearing. In the tent they throw up tables, cheerful chatter, out pops another bench. Communal prancing, booted feet, fun triumphs over grace. Stocky white sausages smoke on the grill, and the wine is hot and spicy, the apple juice well mulled. Children toddle freely to try out the Alpenhorn and the bovine flower crowns. Dogs wait under tables, so well-behaved we nearly forget they are there, until we step on their tails.

Promptly at first dawn

the field forgets our presence –

paper flowers cleared.





19 thoughts on “Haibun: A Good Night”

  1. Oh I do like this haibun! Such fun to be had, by all. Even the well behaved dogs. I am so very glad you joined for this last haibun of 2016. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a new year filled with joy.

  2. I love the sense of place in this one, Marina Sofia. And, at least for me, the poem evokes real conviviality – must have been a great experience.

    1. Much fun to be had between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight precisely – and then it’s all hands on deck to make it pristine by the very next day. That’s the pride of Switzerland for you!

  3. I did so love this haibun Marina..I was fortunate a few years ago to visit a farm in Engelberg, I think that is how you spell it, and apart from the wonderful food that was provided I was fascinated by the practice of taking their cattle to the higher pastures in summer and I imagine as you detailed the bringing of them down is also a reason to celebrate. You triggered some wonderful memories in me.

  4. Yes, this sounds like a very fun and joyous occasion when those cows come down the mountain. Nice to learn of other cultures and how they celebrate. Thanks, Marina.

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