Friday Fun: Snow and Mountain Love

I am a snow bunny, an unashamed snow bunny (imagine this sung to the tune of An Englishman in New York). Admittedly, at times the memory of skiing is much sweeter when you are safely nestled beside a toasty fire, sipping mulled wine and reading a favourite book. I won’t be skiing this year, but I have plenty of wonderful memories…

This is my idea of heavenly powder... from
This is my idea of heavenly powder… from
Nope, I can't jump like that, but I keep on dreaming. From
Nope, I can’t jump like that, but I keep on dreaming. From
A corner of the French Alps formerly known as home.
A corner of the French Alps formerly known as home.
If you get bored of using your own legs for locomotion...
If you get bored of using your own legs for locomotion… Plus an indispensable finger over the camera lense!
Personally, I find snowshoeing more challenging than skiing...
Personally, I find snowshoeing more challenging than skiing…
Mont Blanc is a stunner from all angles.
Mont Blanc is a stunner from all angles.

And after the effort and the cold, relax the Savoyard or Swiss way, with a raclette in front of the fireplace.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Snow and Mountain Love”

    1. I have to admit that all my eating is completely guilt-free when I am in the mountains in winter, as I expend so much energy and so many calories (especially carrying the skis the cable car!).

    1. Snowshoeing (or raquettes, as the French call them) was my discovery a few years ago – a perfect way to go for a walk in winter, and not sink into deep snow.

  1. Stunningly beautiful — to look at from afar. Just the thought of skiing makes me break out in hives. I’m a city woman — the fireplace, tea, cookies and a good book — my idea of heaven. I’ll even forego the fireplace for a radiator.
    I can’t quite digest the fact that people use skis to fly down these majestic mountains. . I just look at them in awe, with respect — these wonders of Mother Nature which have existed for millions of years.

    1. I am a city girl myself, but there is something about that untouched snow and being alone on a piste, just you and the swoosh of your skis, that special stillness… It doesn’t happen often (pistes tend to be very crowded during the holidays), but when it does, it is sheer magic. Pure Zen meditation or mindfulness or whatever you might want to call it!

  2. These ‘photos are absolutely stunning, Marina Sofia! You could just completely set yourself free in that landscape, couldn’t you? Just gorgeous! And warming up by the fire with a treat and a drink afterwards sounds like a perfect end to the day.

  3. Woo hoo – I don’t think I’d have the bottle for the skis, but like another commenter, walking in a silent, snowy landscape appeals. Please wave at me plodding with the raquettes as you elegantly glide by with a swoosh. And please save some Gluwien (spelling) and cheese for me. Scrumptious

  4. Skiing was one of my passions as a child, teenager and young mom, but I gave it up when we ended up in a snow- mountainless country. The sight of that raclette brings back memories, and also of the hot gluhwein before skiing down at night on torch-lit runs 🙂

    1. Ah, you understand perfectly! I remember full moon runs as well… I had this moment of revelation over the past 5 years in the Alps, when I realised that I wasted the best years of my skiing life (my late 20s and all of my 30s) in a flat and snowless country, so didn’t ski for ages. And in my 40s I just don’t have the muscles or stamina to ski like I used to! And now that I’m back in this country, it’s unaffordable as well…

  5. 4 years since we left the mountains and a snowy landscape for upto 4 months of the year I love your pics but can’t say I miss the actual… took me all my effort to stay upright on the flat never mind on any slopes! 😉

    1. Where did you leave, Poppy? And how did you come to terms with the change in landscape? I’ve done it before when I was younger and in love, but it’s much, much harder now.

  6. I went to college in Vermont and loved to walk through the newly fallen snow and admire the beauty and the quietness of a snowy night amid the pine trees. That I can appreciate.
    Even my big city’s parks can be beautiful when it snows here.
    Now my Zen moments come when I’m reading a good book and don’t have to answer the phone, door or emails and I can enjoy the solitary experience of reading.

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