Haibun: Things I’m Done With

I’m done with swashbuckling pirates or panthers, that faint gleam of danger to hasten the pulse and pinprick the senses. Where winds sweep dry, offer me water, not desert fire. Where waters swirl deep, offer me bridges, not islands.
Give me slow, earthy kindness: spilt fruit of joint labours. I open the window and wait for new breeze.

A plant with deep roots
that can catch my tumbleweed
rest sweet for a while.

Tumbleweed caught in a fence, from National Geographic.
Tumbleweed caught in a fence, from National Geographic. Not the kind of rest I mean…

I’m linking this to Haibun Monday prompt at dVerse Poets Pub. If you want a very good explanation of what a haibun is and does, please visit the Pub and check out all the great examples of prose-poems linked in there.

21 thoughts on “Haibun: Things I’m Done With”

  1. This is lovely. It feels particularly resonant at the moment, when the world seems full of people clustering on islands and turning away from bridges. The personal is the political, after all.

  2. Oh, I completely hear you on this one! And your words are written with such stunningly evocative language that I read it multiple times just to soak in the beauty of it 🙂

  3. It’s good to be able to identify what you’re done with! Let it go and await new breezes to bring something new and fresh. I had only seen tumbleweeds on old westerns before I drove out west and saw them blowing across the road. Interesting things… Lovely, Marina Sofia.

  4. Oh! I LOVE this haibun! It strikes straight to the heart of LIFE! LOL! There comes a time where sense and survival takes center stage. Gone are those bad boys who thrill but leave you high and dry! Wonderful haibun. The forward push of this haibun is so right and appropriate! Brava!

    (And the haiku is wonderful, too!)

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