Alexa, What Is One Plus One?

Alexa, What Is One Plus One?

‘I think you know the answer to that one.’


Because I would not, could not stay calm

or reasonable, full of fact-based evidence…

Because instead of all the answers

I had questions of my own…

Because I stamped my feet at injustice

and cried noisily at films

(quietly into my pillow at night)…

Because he asked questions he already knew the answer to,

just to test and tease and lecture on

till touch has gone, unless it’s right swipe…

Because who wouldn’t rather be a hammer than a nail?


…he bought Alexa as a Christmas present for himself.


It’s Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub and any form of poetry is welcome, so please do join in and have fun.

22 thoughts on “Alexa, What Is One Plus One?”

  1. I love that contrast between the two of you! I really do. Alexa and its counterparts are certainly getting a lot of interest these days. They can be useful, but I think they’re much better servants than masters…

    1. I find it surprising that people are willingly bringing gadgets into their houses which ‘spy’ on them, listen to their conversations, even if they are in a subordinate position…

    1. I can feel a whole other poem coming on about the man who searches for WiFi connections in every single restaurant on family holidays, instead of actually talking to said family…

  2. This is truly one of your best, as it’s personal and has that vibe that touches a chord within 🙂 Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  3. I like this line: “who wouldn’t rather be a hammer than a nail?” I looked up Alexa and it seems to be a device that will let you control other devices using your voice. It is the first I heard of it.

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