Open Link Night for dVerse

Can you believe that dVerse has reached its #191 Open Link Night? Please join me there for a celebration of poetry in all its forms, sizes, themes and approaches. I’m attempting a list poem this time.

Shopping List

Bell peppers
Peeled plum tomatoes
A healthy interest in red-blooded stuff
Vampire teeth well-hidden
Till at least the third date
Puff pastry
Because I don’t like flaky
But not too puffed up either
Grated cheese
A winning smile
Ah, always forget the milk
of human kindness…
There’s got to be more than asking:
‘Need help with your packing?’
While looking elsewhere.

26 thoughts on “Open Link Night for dVerse”

  1. Nice light playful touch here, Marina – a colourful refreshing write with many shades to it. Altogether fun to read

  2. A surprising shopping list Marina with the inclusion of vampire teeth ~ Hope the trip back home with all those goodies was not so bad ~

  3. Marina, you would have Venus and Squeak, just mention tomatoes, those two love anything with tomatoes, in it. I know, my cats are very unique and wonderful companions, who will even steal my salad, if I let them.

    1. What gorgeous names for your cats – I am a great believer in using ‘s’ or ‘z’ sounds in cat names, as they react to those far more than any other. I can’t believe they eat salad, though – my cat is an utter carnivore.

  4. I agree with Margot. This piece is a lovely metaphor. I especially like the last two lines – they are perfectly descriptive of what happens at the check out line, on the one hand, and of how we interact with each other, on the other.

  5. The phrase “There’s got to be more than asking: ‘Need help with your packing?’ While looking elsewhere.” – remind me of the cashier who asked if I’d found everything, but then turned and resumed a conversation with his Co worker before I had a chance to answer.

  6. There’s got to be more than asking:
    ‘Need help with your packing?’

    Sincerity may be revealed by the response shown. It is a good reading of body language that makes itself to be seen!


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