Friday Fun: Dark and Cosy Home Libraries

High ceilings, large windows, light and airy rooms with a minimalist feel and minimum fuss and clutter are my favourites… in theory. When it comes to home libraries, however, I have a marked preference for the dark and sombre – much like my reading.

Double height gloom, of course, from
Grey and aubergine are wonderfully calming, from Home Libraries Design Ideas website.
Ellison Bay Manor home library, from The Daily Mail. Bit empty on the top floor!
Dark blue is wonderfully soothing, from House Beautiful.
Large windows do nothing to lighten this ‘gentlemen’s room’, as it say on the website Next Luxury.
The classic Victorian style never goes out of fashion, from She Knows website.
This Toronto home keeps it interesting with windows of all shapes and sizes, from Pinterest. Plus, a curved staircase never comes amiss.


24 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dark and Cosy Home Libraries”

  1. Oh, these make me want to curl up with a book right now, Marina Sofia! If anyone needs me, I’ll be in that lovely grey and aubergine library!

  2. The second one – the grey and aubergine – is pretty much my idea of the perfect room. Reading should always be done in a dim or dark room beneath a reading lamp…

  3. Can I take the library in Toronto, as I live here, as well. No need to cross any borders, unless you mean going, from East York to the old city of Toronto, itself.

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