Friday Fun: Airy and Light Home Libraries

We’ve thrilled and trilled at the attractions of a dark, comforting home library, but there are many lighter, airy-fairyer ones which are just as beautiful.

Who doesn’t want a double-height room to fill with books? From Architecture Art Designs.
The perfect combination of cosiness and light, from
Fireplace? Check! Comfy armchair? Check? Lots of wood? Check? But the huge window, transparent landing and minimal curtains make all the difference in this play on a gentleman’s library. From Architecture Art Designs.
White feels a little too stark with books, but it certainly makes it all look clean and tidy. From Decoist.
The perfect living/dining room needs a lot of room for books. After all, they make an excellent topic for conversation. From
A nice compromise between darker libraries and an airy feel – plus, bonus points for the curving staircase. Plenty of room for us to move in with our books, don’t you think?

Can anybody spot what is lacking in most of our homes to allow us to reproduce such magnificence? That’s right: double height ceilings.


26 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Airy and Light Home Libraries”

  1. I’ll pass by both the white spaces, and put on a few extra layers of clothing whilst passing through. I could be happy in any of the others, but, yes, spiral staircase probably gets me happiest

      1. We could happily share, MarinaSofia, though I do still feel the need to brighten the chill with coloured textiles and accessories. Otherwise, I’d be afraid a polar bear might be hiding…….

  2. I wonder if I could come to an arrangement with my downstairs neighbours that we knock out one of their ceilings to enable me to have a double height library? They’ll agree, surely 😉

  3. I prefer darker ones, but could cope with the one with the real fire – I’d probably draw the curtains though. White is so wrong for a library! And some of these people just don’t seem to understand the need for comfy chairs… 😉

  4. Oh, these are fabulous, Marina Sofia! I think I’m just going to curl up in that last one – right there on the sofa – and read for a while. It’s wonderful!

  5. Spiral staircase for me too. I think I’d like my library quite dark. If there’s too much of the outside world coming into the room I think I’d want to go – well, outside!

  6. I agree with you about white somehow not fitting with libraries, it must be the old fashioned part of me which loves ladders and extra high ceilings and comfy, threadbare armchairs. I’ve always wanted to read in Mr. Tumnus’ cave (from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) if you know what I mean.

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