Friday Fun: Artists’ Studios Can Inspire Writers Too

Artists may require more space and light than writers, but there’s nothing wrong with craving one of their studios for our writerly craft, is there? Although there might be a few too many distractions around to touch, seize, examine…

Masako Miki’s studio, from
Lotta Ieminen’s studio, from
The atelier of Caroline and Michael Ventura, from
Casey Neistat’s colourful mix of a studio, from
A tidier, sleeker (more corporate?) version, from Pinterest.
It’s the landscape for Carouschka Kastreijifert, picture credit Martin Lot.
This does look like an office, but I love that window! From eastatestudio.tumblr

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Artists’ Studios Can Inspire Writers Too”

  1. It’s Carouschka Kastreijifert for me too. I hope she can still find space to work with no doubt dozens of us descending. I hope she has enough comfy chairs. Put the kettle on, Carouschka, I’m on my way, and will bring biscuits. PS do you have a discreet changing space, I might fancy a swim. Am packing bathers.

  2. Too much clutter for me; I shall leave everyone else to appropriate these spaces! Somehow, books never fall into the category of clutter….

  3. Too much clutter??? I’ve never seen such tidy studios in my life. Does anybody work in them? Think Picasso. Think Francis Bacon. Of course it is essential to have northern exposure for a more constant luminosity during the day, something I would deeply appreciate in my “cluttered, can’t eat off the floor” studio which faces south and looks upon the Luberon mountain range. Nice view……… too bad about the over abundant, ever changing light.

    1. Ha, ha, I was wondering what an artist thought of those spaces! So is that the reason for the northern exposure preference of most studios? I was somewhat puzzled myself, as of course I always believed that an artist wants to maximise the amount of light. But it’s constancy that you are after…

  4. Oh, I do love these, Marina Sofia. Some of them are perfect places to set up a writing area. I think I like Lotta Ieminen’s the best – so much open space and light.

  5. It’d have to be Lotta Ieminen’s studio, but these artists clearly don’t understand the importance of comfy chairs – no wonder so many of them are anguished! I shall bring my own cushions…

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