Friday Fun: What About Your Own Study?

It’s all fine and dandy to look at all those palaces and glorious home libraries or artists’ studios, but what does your own writing space look like? I am mildly obsessed with writer’s studies, as you might have gathered, and a couple of years back could not get enough of the Periscope #whereiwrite initiative. So, while this might not qualify as escapist, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

Busy? Maybe, but I like inspiration on my walls.
The bookshelves are starting to groan…
Map of Japan from 1745 (the original, not my print).
French dog and Japanese cat living in perfect harmony.
The messy side of the room and armchair filing system
Not quite outside the study window, but this camellia bush is one of the great delights of my garden.

And a special late addition for Lady Fancifull, who was disappointed at the lack of real cats… Here is Zoe in her favourite position when I am working at my desk.

38 thoughts on “Friday Fun: What About Your Own Study?”

        1. Ermmmm, guilty as charged. Although I’ve stopped buying any now and wear about 2 pairs all the time. So it’s an addiction I’ve overcome, while books…

    1. I bought it as a present to myself when I passed my viva for the Ph. D. and spent a fortune framing it (when I was still a poor student), but I love it to bits.

  1. Oh, your study looks so warm and inviting , Marina Sofia. Your bookshelves are gorgeous, and that map is lovely, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it! It feels vibrant and filled with life and personality. My space is currently on the dining table…… 😐

  3. Hey my desk looks just like yours (Ikea?) with chest of drawers underneath, corner and with window in same position – but I have a sofa-bed filing system, not armchair 🙂 And I’ve been fighting putting up shelves on top, I’d worry they’d topple on me considering the stuff I’m trying to put somewhere!

    1. Yes, it’s that well-known Ikea corner desk – which was too big to go up in the left while we were in France, so had to be left in the garage (just the top). As for the floating shelves – one of our tenants put them up and I don’t trust them either, so I have only the very lightest things on them.

    1. The real cat is often sitting on the window sill when I am working at my computer, and sometimes she paces up and down on my desk, with a severe editorial eye.

  4. I love your study, the black and white chair and that map really caught my eye and what pretty camelias. I don’t have a study but I do have overflowing bookshelves.

  5. I must say your study looks far more inviting than a lot of the ones you’ve shown us in the past. And tidy! But wasn’t it just a few months ago that you had lots of gaps on those bookshelves?? Your cat is gorgeous… (Tommy made me add that)

    1. If I have too much mess around me, then I tend to get unsettled and unable to concentrate on my work, so it’s a must to have a bit of an attempt at tidiness. When I start tidying too much however, then I know I am just procrastinating…

  6. Great study with beautiful wooden bookshelves.
    I must say that I recognize your armchair filing system. I have the same one!
    Only mine is next to my computer and on my bed, next to my bed and in
    the kitchen. (This despite six half file cabinets!
    We do collect papers.
    Now, one can never have too many books!

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