Friday Fun: Writers’ Homes in the English-Speaking World

I’ve presented quite a few homes of writers and artists in France, but what about some homes for English-language writers in the US and UK? I don’t want to neglect Africa, Australia or New Zealand, so if you know of any noteworthy houses there, be sure to let me know in the comments section.

Evelyn Waugh certainly had plenty of inspiration for Brideshead, if this house is anything to judge by! From The Prose Blog.
Jack London’s study shows his passion for travelling, but also art. From QED.
It seems F.H. Burnett had some inspiration readily available for The Secret Garden or Little Lord Fauntleroy. From The Guardian.
Upton Sinclair’s home in California. From Pinterest.
Enid Blyton opted for the thatched cottage style. From Daily Mail.
As did Thomas Hardy. From Open Culture.
All right, this is in France again, but it’s James Baldwin hard at work in his St Paul de Vence study.

Finally, in this one you can actually stay overnight courtesy of AirBnB.

Steinbeck’s study in Pacific Grove, California. From AirBnB.



32 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Writers’ Homes in the English-Speaking World”

  1. Oh, to stay in Steinbeck’s Study! Just need to find a reason to visit California – or maybe that’s all the reason needed πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the Easter break Marina Sofia πŸ™‚

  2. These are all lovely, Marina Sofia! I’d love to stay in Enid Blyton’s home. Just from the outside, it really seems to suit her.

  3. The cottages look cozy, but not as bright. When I was little I would have loved living in Burnett’s enormous house – I used to think it would be fun to have more than one bedroom so I could choose according to my mood. I still find it impressive and love all the windows. I can totally see where the inspiration for her books came from.

    1. Yes, you would need an army of servants to keep Burnett’s house in a good state. Nowadays it would have been converted into a country hotel, I suppose…

  4. I’ve stayed in a few AirBnB’s in recent years but nothing to come close to Steinbeck’s house. Nearest was an AirBnB flat in Madrid in next building to a beautiful old bookshop – lovely but not in the Steinbeck league!

  5. I would love to live in Steinbeck’s cottage. Sinclair is second, but it seems too sunny. I like shade. And I’d like to look at Blyton’s thatched roof cottage to see how they’re made and what the atmosphere is like inside.

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