Coffee in Italy

Espresso bar Del Doge in Venice, from Serious Eats Drinks website.


She never got used

to the downing of black bitter

in hot quick spurt


throwing a joke at the barman

whistling after a girl

then on to work

putting to right

important matters of the world

leaving behind those soaked

in disdain.

14 thoughts on “Coffee in Italy”

  1. Oh, I love your choice of words here, Marina Sofia! A perfect depiction of that sort of coffee bar!

  2. Excellent poem. I’m mostly a tea drinker, although occasionally I drink coffee, if it’s good. But your poem strongly hits the marks.

  3. I enjoyed the poem, but… I drink coffee straight at the bar in one minute and I do have the occasional joke (but not a sexist one, eh, usually about the kids) with the barman. That’s Paris…

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