Tomorrow and Ever After

Tomorrow I will sit demurely
just wrestle words to the ground
with a flicker of my lashes
flash of sopweed from the Bard.

Tomorrow my characters will come alive,
fight each other, bicker, woo.
Plotholes will hang their grimey faces,
poems stop barking at the moon.

Tomorrow I’ll use post-its in coloured gradations,
fill spreadsheets and schedules, submit with method.
Each sapling of wisdom, each stray pun I will corral
till the day after arrives with a thud.

Portrait of a Poet, by Palma Vecchio. From Google Art Project.

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow and Ever After”

  1. Beautiful depiction here! Love the plotholes and the way you describe the characters!

    1. I loved your sensible remark that even 20 minutes spent with your writing is time well spent, but I often seem to live in the future of grandiose plans instead… so I decided to mock that attitude a little.

      1. Thank you. And, you know, I think we all get those grandiose ideas. I know I do!

  2. Excellent. Oh, those tomorrows. I have so many days like that. And tomorrow comes and it’s not that different from the day before. But perhaps I have made some progress in some area. You say it so well.

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