Friday Fun: Country Homes in the Home Counties

We may not have those romantic chateaux for which the French are famous, but there are some memorable country piles in my local area. Although it pains me to say this, these pictures give you a clue why this area voted Remain (holiday homes in France, Italy etc.) but will probably vote Conservative now and always.

The best known house in the local area, Cliveden. From website.
Elizabethan manor house almost next door to Cliveden, Taplow Court. From
John Betjeman’s modest vicarage, in Farnborough. From The Telegraph.
The Queen Anne style is also popular, as in this house for sale in Bourne End. From
Tudor mansion in Harpenden, from
This one even has literary connotations. John Gay’s house in Holyport, from
A more unusual building in Lambourn, from
Riverside property in Maidenhead, from
This secluded property in Sonning has allegedly been snapped up by George and Amal Clooney. From
Park Place, near Henley, was bought by a Russian billionaire. From Daily Mail.

Not to say that there aren’t also people living in Council housing and who have never travelled outside their local area, but they are the ones who have been lied to and who are afraid of the immigrants coming and taking their jobs and/or benefits.



20 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Country Homes in the Home Counties”

  1. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia! That Queen Anne style home is beautiful, and the property looks gorgeous, too!

  2. George and Amal have the same taste in houses as I have. I wonder whether they would like to swap. I’m sure my neighbours would be delighted to welcome them and will show them where the bus stops are, the local libraries, and let them know the days for the various bin collections etc.

    I will admit my abode is a LITTLE smaller than the Clooneys, so, as our tastes are clearly so very similar, I think it would make sense for us to agree to leave our furniture in situ for each other when we swap.

  3. Cliveden is beautiful. You may have it already, but there’s a book about the various women associated with the estate over the years, The Mistresses of Cliveden. It sounds fascinating.

  4. I would happily stay in any of them, though I’d rather not have to do the hoovering! But they are gorgeous. I’ve got that Mistresses of Cliveden book on audio so in a few weeks I’ll be able to tell you if it’s any good! Certainly sounds like a fun listen.

    1. Just found it at the local library, although currently on loan, so I may well pick it up.
      Trust you to think of the hoovering. Having just cleaned the bathrooms in my house, I would dread to think of doing that in any of those mansions…

  5. I liked the Clooney house, too. However, I always think of the housecleaning first and I shudder at any large house.

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