Friday Fun: Escape to the Log Cabins

The great writer in front of his humble hut, from The Telegraph.

All of us who dream of a writing hut may have got a little envious seeing David Cameron’s ‘shepherd hut’ painted in an elegant Farrow & Ball hue, where he intends to pen his memoirs (‘How I Destroyed the Future of Other People’s Children and Laughed All the Way to the Bank’ is the working title, I believe). But there are other options out there, even though most of them are currently used for unusual holiday accommodation.

Tree house nostalgia alert! From Airbnb France.
If you get tired of writing, you can read on the veranda. From
I still dream of staying once in these floating cabanes, from
Some of them even have hot-tubs on the veranda. Although that might interfere with my writing intentions. From
For those who can’t give up their chateau even on holiday, this amazing structure in the Dordogne. From
A more modest treehouse proposal, a good place to meet a lynx or two, from les cotagnes- rhone-alpes.
Another chateau, this time in the trees, from
Just in case you think I am favouring France, here is a cabin in Norway, more of a holiday home than a writing hut, though. From Decoist.

21 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Escape to the Log Cabins”

  1. You gave me quite a turn with that opening shot! H and I visited a very posh garden centre close to the Great Destroyer’s old constituency and marveled at a hut very like this one, wondering who on earth would pay the enormous price. Now we know!

    1. Apparently it was the ‘personalisation’ of the hut which cost the most… And yes, I have a bit of a gut reaction when I see CEOs destroying companies or politicians making a mess of things and then they go back to their comfortable lives, usually with a golden parachute, not a care in the world…

    1. Whenever I stayed in a hotel room in Scandinavia on my business travels, I thought that I didn’t want to return home ever… They really know how to live!

  2. What lovely cabins, Marina Sofia!! That second one – from sejours-verts – is especially appealing to me. I think I can be packed and ready to move in in just a few weeks’ time.

  3. I love the snowy one. Not sure about the ones near water, mosquitoes and me not being the best of friends – ugly enormous yellow headed welts arising from the smallest of biting gnats. Sorry to sully your comments with such a disgusting description!

  4. Any or all except the first and last. I think the sitting tenant makes the first a no no and the last, I see, has a close neighbour. If only the one with a visiting lynx wasn’t bound to be a bit chilly….Perhaps chateaux tree house just takes the biscuit….

    1. I think it’s the reflection from the windows on the opposite side rather than another house in the last picture. Norwegian weekend homes tend to be very isolated with no close neighbours, as they have a small population and plenty of space.

  5. I like all of them except David Cameron’s. He can keep it. Is there a room for his ghostwriter? (sorry, but I have a hard time believing that policitians actually write their own memoirs.)

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