Time for a little poetry: Playing Tiddlywinks

I see two girls, now women, who smile at others

Never at me

Who sour with life’s quick cherry passing

Go off like milk in my refrigerator door

One drip in my tea, no guests to pour out for.


They reverberate like echoes in the stillness of my parlour.

This is a neighbourhood of cats, no barking

No worries about leaving us alone all day

Often all night too

In hungry expectation.


They bring up corpses and track invitations

In the name of reciprocity

Accountancy, curation, careful recitation of moments and pictures

Togetherness invited

Competition launched, jaws that bite


Claws that snatch

Rewrite my story, meekness a grievous flaw,

Passivity, worse – stupidity,

Made to pay,

Trampled to shame

With a flick of a finger.

Free picture courtesy of Pixabay.

9 thoughts on “Time for a little poetry: Playing Tiddlywinks”

  1. I really like the layers and nuances in this one, Marina Sofia. And the ‘photo is really effective, too.

  2. I love the neighbourhood of cats, too…and the whole poem. It’s nice to read your work again (I’ve been absent for a while).

    1. Lovely to see you back! Are you nearing the end of the school year? Maybe time for your own writing? Wishing you a very good and productive summer…

      1. The school year is over except for three days of meetings and cleaning out rooms and such. Aside from looking for work, I’ll certainly be writing more.

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