Friday Fun: Inspiring All-Sorts

Today is a bit of liquorice all-sorts, with interiors which inspire me… to write, of course! Or at the very least, read and review.

Airy living room from My Domaine.
Bedroom study with a view, from Decoist. Looks slightly hotel-like, but I could live with it.
Office and reading nook in one, from Daily Dream Decor.
Home library with obligatory ladder, from Sparks Direct.
The study part of Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe: perhaps too open-plan and exposed for most tastes, but oh, the view! From Farnsworth House website.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Inspiring All-Sorts”

  1. I love the Mies van der Rohe. Couldn’t live it one – which is just as well, given the price tag – but that cool elegance is stunning, as is the view.

    1. It’s a house for visiting rather than living in, isn’t it? As a crime writer, of course I can imagine all sorts of noises and intruders in the woods surrounding the house…

  2. Oh, these are all lovely, Marina Sofia!!! I like them all. But if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the one from Sparks Direct. That library!…..

  3. If I ever get rich, I’m hiring to you curate pinterest boards so that I can choose how to decorate my new mansion. Part of your job will also be doing all the shopping and on-the-site decorating. Please say yes! Happy weekend xxx

    1. It might not come as a surprise that I was contemplating becoming an interior designer at some point – and have always spent far too much money on house magazines (rather than women’s magazines – although they give just as false a picture I suppose). Unfortunately, I am remarkably untalented at drawing. But I can endlessly shop for home-related things… so the answer is yes!

      1. It’s that real estate thing. I knew an agent who said the key was to make people imagine they were living there. Or wanted to live there.

  4. Now this is SO pedantic of me – can I please have ‘Airy Living Room’ for the shape of the room, and the colour but I would like it filled with the furniture from Sparks Direct AND given that turquoise ocean view. Can this be done? Soon?? Now???

  5. The bedroom study for me, please. I reckon life would be seriously enhanced by having a comfortable bed in every room – I have become a faithful devotee of naps in recent years but feel there’s too much dribbling involved when napping in a chair… (Too much info??)

    1. In the spirit of sharing, I agree with you, because I sleep on my tummy, so can only ever sleep in proper beds. Not even first class on airplanes works for me… (not that I’ve had many such occasions).

  6. Dear Santa Claus,

    Can I have the library on the third picture for Christmas? I’ve been good so far and promise to be good next year too. Say hi to Rudolph for me.

    Kind regards,


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