Friday Fun: Tiny Homes

There’s been a bit of a trend over the past few years for tiny homes, which offer a more affordable type of accommodation, in many cases a home which can be moved but is much more beautiful than a bog-standard caravan. While I might hesitate about living in some of these all year round, they would make a perfect writing bolthole when I am feeling inspired. Especially if they are internet free.

The beauty of symmetry, from
The value of a beach location, from
The mountain cabin, from Business Insider.
The hip minimalist, from
The traditional cottage, from Country Living.
The modern rustic touch, from New Frontier Tiny Homes.
The American clapboard home in miniature, from Atlanta,
For those who don’t like square boxes, from House Beautiful.
For those who prefer to live on the water, from Country Living.
For the truly quirky, from

31 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tiny Homes”

        1. Even for a short-term retreat I need books, wine and cats. Ausone wouldn’t enjoy any of them if for longer than a day

  1. Oh, this is a hard decision….I love snow and a roaring fire in the hearth (mountain cabin)…but I think watching the reflection of sun, light, clouds and shadows on a lake is my ‘cabin of choice’ !

  2. Oh, these are fantastic, Marina Sofia. That traditional-looking cottage would be such a great place to hole up and write. Calling house agents now!

  3. The mountain cabin wins hands down. I like the hydrangeas in the first one. The hip minimalist looks like it fell off of something else and the modern rustic looks like a dump. I saw a small hand made caravan/living space for sale recently for 65,000 dollars. You could turn around in it probably but it was small. I was surprised at how expensive it was. Of course, it was for sale… no one had bought it yet.

  4. Ooh what gorgeous houses! I have to admit to loving the hip minimalist one purely for those fabulous windows, and also the mountain cabin. I couldn’t live in a such a tiny house because of all my books but they do look lovely for a break away.

  5. I love the idea of a tiny house, but don’t think I could actually do it!

  6. Ooh, I could happily settle in any of them – except the strictly rectangular one. I will leave that to the cats, it is too redolent of the cardboard boxes the bulk delivery of their food comes in – and which they jump in before I flatten it for the recycle. How wonderful would it be to circulate between all the others, a few days here, a few days there. And……as that House Beautiful one looks distinctly flying saucerish, no doubt it would double as transport between all the others. I musn’t forget to collect the cats from the large cardboard box one, though……..

  7. I quite fancy small – it would cut down on cleaning time leaving more chocolate time, and might prevent me hoarding…! The one on water looks nice, and maybe not quite as small as some of the others…

  8. My husband is obsessed with Tiny Homes. I love looking at them, but I’m not sure if I could live in one for more than a little while. For one thing, we’d need a second tiny home just for my books!

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