Friday Fun: Garden Sheds Forever Young

Keeping it a politics-free zone today, although Schadenfreude and ‘The future belongs to young people’ does come to mind…

There is a very ugly term for these scrumplicious creations: ‘she-sheds’ – insulting to both women (as if only men have the right to own sheds) and to men (as if only women have the right to have pretty things). I keep measuring my garden to check if I do have space after all for a shed or two, especially if they look anything like these…

At one with nature, if you can bear the bugs, from
The nostalgic cottage shed, with climbing roses, from
The secret garden shed, from de.pinterest
The shed to move into for the whole summer. Those unbearably perfect Norwegians once more, from Living Norway Architects.
The Russian shed in Newcastle built by Russian John, from
The conservatory option if you don’t have shedloads of space, from Garden and Landscape Directory.
The fully transparent option, if you don’t mind the sun and have nothing to hide. Very romantic though. From


19 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Garden Sheds Forever Young”

  1. Oh, I do love these, Marina Sofia! They’re just fabulous. I think I’ll put in an offer on the Norwegian summer shed…

  2. Wow. The shed in my garden stores tools and equipment and chicken feed. Clearly I live on the wrong side of the what sheds are for tracks.

  3. Ah, definitely the Norwegian one for me this week! All those ones with foliage look too high maintenance (unless they come with a free gardener thrown in, of course) and then, as you point out, the bugs…

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