Friday Fun: Writing in Your Bedroom

I believe in separating your working and sleeping space, but I’ve heard of plenty of writers and readers who feel at their most comfortable (or most inspired) in their bedrooms. And what about if you have no other space for writing? So here are some elegant solutions to this quandary. Which don’t involve lying propped up on cushions in bed (although that is perfect for reading).

The elegant townie, from
The occasional scribbler, from The Design Chaser.
The teenage artist, from You Tube.
The one designed by the interior designer, from Gravity Home.
The one designed by your mother, from Decoist.
The professional writer (or the writer on holiday), from Architecture Art Designs.

34 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Writing in Your Bedroom”

  1. How would you ever get to sleep? I found it hard enough when I worked from our spare room, sometimes dashing in there to make a note when I should have been going to sleep.

  2. I mostly write in my room! As long as there’s a desk, I don’t find it that hard to “switch off” when it’s bedtime. (And, much to the dismay of my back and shoulders, I quite often write sitting up in bed anyway…)

  3. I do think they’re all rather lovely, and as someone who lived in flats for a while there’s an appeal of having all your stuff contained in one multi-function room. Plus when writing wears you out you can have a lie-down – or a read, as you say!

  4. These are beautiful, Marina Sofia. I think it would be hard to separate yourself from your work at bedtime, but still… And I think I like that elegant townie one especially. They’re all lovely, though.

  5. I write in my bedroom, it’s the oe room of the house my daughter has to knock on the door of before she enters, and there is no television. It’s the sanctuary where I do my night dreaming, so my day dreaming feels quite at home in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. If I had been in that teen room in my teens, I might never have left it. Seriously, all one could add is another wall of books and of course a cat. While my bedroom is conducive to writing and I’ve done a bit there, I prefer to save it for reading and not take my “work” home. My bedroom is a cubbyhole but I love it and if the storm damage ever gets repaired, I shall do a post. Imagine the window looking out over a park (actually someone’s garden) a chateau above and a cozy wicker chaise… ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. The storm was in February and the insurance adjuster is coming a week from today. Then I can start getting estimates and figure out how I am going to pay for a new roof and other “deductibles”. Please, do not hold your breath! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hmm… I think I could work in my bedroom, but I’m not sure if I’d sleep well in my office – I suspect those things lying undone on the desk would work their way into my dreams… However, I’d go for ‘the one designed by your mother’ – oh, dear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Oh! I would take EVERY Room!~ The Light~~!!!! Beautiful/. I have a large room off my bedroom, with plenty of windows, but it’s also with storage….and rather messy at times…so I am captivated by these photos….so neat and clean looking! Heaven!

  9. I like no. 2 also, with the window, light, lovely door and bed. But I keep shades down in my bedroom as I face another building and many residents and windows. I work at my computer in the living room.
    But I read, watch TV and sometimes talk on the phone in my bedroom. It’s OK.
    I have brought my laptop into the bedroom to work when I need the a/c, but it doesn’t work now so I’m back to the pc.
    I had a nice view of several blocks, the sun, sky, even a few trees until a few months ago from the living room window. However, a millionaire is building a six-story building on what was a one-story building, it is now blocking that view — and it’s all for just him. Oh, and a penthouse on top. My only sun, sky, space gone.
    So, I’m now like most New Yorkers — facing brick walls, fire escapes and windows.

  10. I want that last bedroom – right now. I wouldn’t get much writing done in it though, I’d be too busy looking at the view and dreaming

  11. On the very few occasions I tried writing in the bedroom, I had this tremendous urge to hit the pillow and go to sleep. And it happened when I was all geared up to write a few thousand words (a gross exaggeration, of course)!

    1. Ah, all the masterpieces I have lost to sleep, all the brilliant ideas that come at night when you don’t want to get up, switch on the light and jot them down!

  12. My desk is in the bedroom so I do a lot of writing there. We have only a few rooms but they are all big, so they each have to double up. So my office is in the bedroom, but separated by a wall of Ikea Kallax shelving (great for holding files, and shielding computers and printer so you can’t see them from the bed.)

      1. Boring boring boring. In the last photo the SKY is the only bit of colour there. It’s as though everyone’s afraid to take a chance or leave it so bland that we ALL fit in.

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