Friday Fun: Reading Nooks in All Seasons

There are reading nooks for all seasons. Maybe you can fit four into your house… or here are some simple ways to tweak them to fit each time of the year.

The delicate shoots of spring can be admired from this bed, when you still feel lethargic after a long winter. From Bored Panda.
Watching the mountains turn green from your reading nook is lovely in Spring. From Michael Rex Architects.
Greek island views are much more suited to summer, from Bored Panda.
Of course, you could move outside into the garden. From Pinterest.
But the balcony offers a shadier alternative, especially for e-books. From Hunter Design.
As the nights turn cooler in autumn, it makes sense to move indoors. From She Knows.
Somewhere far away from prying eyes is perfect when school starts again in autumn, from Pinterest.
While in winter we have a hankering for wooden chalets, curtains, plaid and cosy lights. From BeDe Design.
From this viewpoint we will certainly not miss Santa when he brings us some new books. From Woo Home.

22 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Reading Nooks in All Seasons”

    1. Ah, admit it, it’s not the style but the content… Any reader worth their salt is gone at the mere mention of ‘reading nooks’! πŸ˜‰

  1. Oh dear I am spoiled for choice here. If pushed I’d go for those that have a view because even in winter there would be something upon which to gaze.

  2. Oh, my, Maria Sofia! These are all so lovely! If anyone needs me, I’ll curled up in that nook from Pinterest – what a great little hideaway!

  3. I like the first one but really any with a view of greenery. If I made up a window seat here, I’d be staring at brick walls.
    When I was a teenager, my room was very small. But my bed was right up against the window with a big oak tree outside and branches reaching almost to the window. So I had my days of sunshine peering over my shoulder as I read — or moonlight.

  4. Aww! How quaint.
    My absolute dream in reading life is for one of those adorable window seats. I love to pause every few pages in my reading just to sit and daydream about what I just read and with a window and comfy pillows to lay against, that’s just the ideal place for me!
    Great post, I look forward to reading more from you soon πŸ™‚

    1. Window seats are the best, aren’t they? I used to read in my grandmother’s cherry tree (an old, established, venerable tree, I hasten to add) and it was great for daydreaming (and snacking), but not quite so comfy as a windowseat.

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