Fragments of poetry caught gauze-like at night

Vulnerability sits beside a heart of stone, chided for being late.

Freeze-burn experiments roil in extravagant chalice where poisons hang sweet.

And I suckle oh daily those words because

they declare themselves worthy


and more,

designed to plug the gaps in our stature

and teeth.

You can always tell wealth by the teeth they choose to display.

8 thoughts on “Fragments of poetry caught gauze-like at night”

  1. These are such great images, Marina Sofia. I really especially like that first line about vulnerability; it’s resonating for me…

    1. I was reading somewhere about how you can tell Western Europeans/Americans by their perfect teeth, while many (particularly older or poorer) people in the developing world have gaps or bad fillings etc.

  2. Can you find the original in prose ? (It’s a recent novel by a female author).
    I’ve presented some lines (not consecutive) from the same page in verse form.
    Enjoy 🙂

    T’was a fair old drive,
    But the night was cooling a bit,
    With the stars finding their way through the dust.
    The trees out there always felt nervous,
    They were bristling for rain.
    You could feel their roots ease out
    After a lovely downpour
    As they relaxed under your feet.
    These were good woods.
    I knew each branch
    Like I knew my own heart.

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