Friday Fun: Writerly Places of Interest

Even if some of the people below are not writers, their studies give us an insight into their lives, and above all into the places where creation takes place.

Beryl Bainbridge’s wonderfully eclectic study, from angels to Titanic to stuffed dogs and guns, from
As you’d expect, Donna Leon is serene in an office reeking of Italian elegance. From El Pais.
Pretty much dream conditions here in Elizabeth Jane Howard’s lived-in study, from The Guardian.
W.S. Maugham also had near-perfect conditions – maybe at his house in France? From BreathingBooks on Tumblr.
A tour of Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s Apartment at 31 Rue Cambone Paris. from Lily Adore Paris.
Peter York, more of a broadcaster and commentator rather than a pure writer, which perhaps explains the up-to-date decor. From The Guardian
This didn’t belong to an actual writer, but is from a marketing brochure for an interior design company. Still, I wouldn’t mind, would you?From

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Writerly Places of Interest”

    1. Yes, I know what you mean… I try to keep my desk tidy, but that means that everything else (floor) gets covered with books and papers and stuff.

  1. Oh, what lovely places, Marina Sofia! I think I’d vote for Maugham’s study, but they’re all fabulous. Ah, for a writing retreat….

  2. I’d love the elegance of Chanel’s desk but would be so afraid to use it for anything practical in case I spilled wine over it or scratched it somehow

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